This is the key for the box.

I write letters almost every day.


How much did you have to drink?

Vair, who was to be revered as a Sufi saint, was noticed in a bazaar because of his deferential bearing by a stranger, who, taking him for a slave, approached and asked, "Are you looking for your master?"

This song contains degrading lyrics about women.

I tell you this.

What do you think she should do?

I thought that's what you'd want to do.

She kept me waiting for a long time.

We can't use this.

Vance asked Granville if she knew John's new telephone number.

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The bus will have started before we get there.


This isn't worth getting worked up over.

If you're happy, it's best to just leave things how they are.

I'll screw everything up.


Gregg isn't finished.

I'd say that about covers it.

I am not acquainted with him.


How did Leith get out of prison?

I didn't want them to see me.

He sashayed around the room.


In fact, the sea has already risen 10 centimeters since the beginning of this century.


The girl that I know very well has already left for Tokyo.

She wrapped her sandwich using Bryan's tinfoil hat.

How are you so good at English?

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Soohong hasn't slept for three days.

Real seemed very nice.

I have a trailer.

I'm not quite sure who I should ask.

Clara sat on the floor and cried.

Roberto is sitting right next to me.

Truth is difficult to find at the bottom of a well.


What's the situation now?

I was the one who had to make it happen.

I didn't cry.

You must've already written everything that needs to be written.

Ramanan won't speak to them.

How do you know I don't know?

Don't call the police.

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Edward and I are very different from each other.

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We have to stop at Janos's.


All the students were against the war.


I am thinking of my vacation.

There is enough here to feed the whole family.

Alfred is just a typical 13-year-old.

Is Darryl drunk?

It sure wasn't easy.

On a separate sheet of paper, describe your best friend: age, where he or she lives, his or her job, etc.

Francois was frowning slightly.

Valentin is supportive.

"You can't have fun all the time." "Why not?"

I'm going to throw her out.

We're forced to look for another way out of this situation.

Because I've worn out my old coat I need to buy a new one.

We will probably arrive at Tokyo station at noon.

What do you do before breakfast?

Ric told me about his dog.

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I took 2 semesters of conversational Arabic at the community college.


Why do you want to see my passport?

Sriram certainly didn't intend to tell Rafael the truth.

This isn't my responsibility. It's yours.


He does appear.

Are you still angry at me?

We did it according to your instructions.

He made good in business.

Herman Melville is one of my favorite writers.

It's good to see you among all these strange faces.

She is the executive editor.

He who marries changes.

So the captain took care of him.

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Do what Sandip says.

She heard a dog barking in the distance.

Get it?


Let's see what can be done.

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Birds learn to fly instinctively.

I know exactly how Sehyo feels.

I'm bigger than you.

At home I have a Espresso maker.

Pinocchio had a long nose.

The police will keep an eye on the man they think is the criminal.

I would like her to give me an explanation.

Gradually, as they walked and ran together, her sadness disappeared.

I'm not jealous of them.

You should especially not drink on an empty stomach.

Anita can't do the job by himself. Would you mind helping him?

I couldn't hear the sound well.

Manjeri is plastered.

It's a mere drop in the ocean.

I hope to see you tomorrow.


It's hard to speak three languages.

You have as much right as everyone else.

The Earth is just a little island and we are little islanders.

She always looks like she's half-asleep, but once she gets into an argument, she really goes to town.

Pria will agree with me.

I didn't want to work late, but the boss told me that I had to.

Piercarlo has nothing better to do.

Gary wanted a meeting with us.

Kathy knows the stakes.


We'll be there soon.

He had business at his family's home so he went at once.

No one has the right to preach abstinence.


What the heck is that supposed to mean?

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That time we were just a few men in the middle of a group of gorillas.

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He was thrown in prison for robbery.

Did you know that in Japan, if you have a tattoo, you won't be allowed to bathe in many of the hot spring resorts?

I have to take Jan home now.

The party was really fun.

Eliot and Giovanni were shocked when they saw Oliver come back with his first tattoo.

All the members but me have faith in what he says.

Teresa will paint the fence tomorrow.

I heard her speaking English fluently, like an American.

I need them in my life.

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Ask yourself why.

It looks like your secret's out.

How soon will this laundry be ready?

It's too late to shut the barn door after the animals are out.

Patrick has only ever had one boyfriend.

The clock says two.

I found it pretty hard to adjust to my new surroundings.


She tried to stifle a sneeze during the concert but she couldn't hold it back.

Olivier crossed the busy street.

Lucius leaned forward.

Don't you ever get tired of doing that?

He turned down her request for a day off.

There is a community of thought between them.

After their argument they weren't on speaking terms.

Tanaka is a wimp.

You've got to warn her.


We were all shocked.

Passengers became nervous when the plane began to vibrate.

That's suicide.


There's nothing more I can do.

Life passed him by.

We've likely made a mistake.

It is five minutes to nine.

He left without even telling me.


I've just been to the post office to buy some stamps.

John tried not to wake the sleeping baby.

Hahaha! Do you want to kill all flies?

I think Kanthan is irresponsible.

Lincoln granted liberty to slaves.

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I'm not lazy.

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How about some milk and cookies?

Our host offered us a drink.

We have no idea why Lea does that.

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Edmond isn't going to stop me.

It looks like it is going to rain.

Vice has a big box full of bits and pieces in my attic.


Don't fall for his old tricks.

Get her on the phone.

I thought you needed it.

The train was hurrying west.

He went to the back of the building.

I tried to make friends with the classmates.

My best friend is currently in Rome.

Nice dress.

He asked her to read it for him.

Derek's horse reared suddenly and threw him.

Detective Dan Anderson waited anxiously for the crime lab results.

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Teenagers long for the approval of their peers.

Our sales performance is just skyrocketing.

Even though there was a no U-turn sign, I made a U-turn.

My life's a contradiction.

They got over to the other side while the light was red.

Something bad may happen to him.

How much did you win?