"...I believe MDP has the potential to contribute to overall efficiencies in receiving and processing claims and improving communication between government agencies and families thereby helping money to be directed to those who need it most – the families caring for their adult loved ones... ”

Designed For Direct Funding Recipients



“...It will keep a record of my daughter’s life and expenses for when I will not be able to look after all of this, or ... when I retire – It will be easy for someone to check wherever they are and to continue the payments and submissions....”

Planning For Tomorrow...



“...When you have a child or adult with special needs, you are bombarded with forms and applications for services, if you are not organized (and even if you are) it is so easy to be confused...”

...Simple & Easy To Use.


Simple & Free

Master Your Funding. Get On With Your Day.

100% FREE Direct Funding Management Support and Software.
MDP helps you stay on top of your Budgeting and Reporting, fast.

Direct Funding Management
Simple & Free!

Master your funding.
Get on with your day.

From expense management and reporting
to personal budget forecasting and more,
you’ll discover the effortless way to
stay on top of it all.

We’re Here For You!

Our one-on-one service aims to assist
in the Monitoring and Reporting of all
Direct Funding Programs, so that you can
Organize Smarter and Live Better.

MDP Service is aiming to continue Monitoring and Reporting
All Direct Funding Programs

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Simple & Powerful

Streamline recording and tracking of expenditures.
Automatically generate and send invoices.
Results with just one click.

Cut Clutter

Easy to use online management tool
that can be accessed securely from any
computer, tablet or smartphone.
Save a ton of time.

Exceptional Support

MyDirectPlan is all about making your life easier.
You’ll always get real, live human support.
Forever free friendly service you can depend on.

We're All About Customer Service

Complete Process Covered

From mundane paperwork
to Agency Reporting and
everything in between.

We're here for You!

Schedule a meeting with one of our
Direct Funding professionals at our office
(walk-ins are welcome too!)

Enjoy live weekday and weekend support
by Telephone or Email.

Service will be provided in both
English and French.

We offer Training Workshops across Ontario.
Contact us to find out where we are next!

Meeting Your Expectations

Take control of your Direct Funding Management
from anywhere. MDP is just a click away on
all of your favourite devices.

Know your finances.
Save money.
Worry less.

Every cent makes a difference.
We are determined to ease the daily burden
for those in need. Join our growing community
and have your say. Today.


Paperless, effortless, secure
and error free solution to
daily challenges of tracking records,
receipts and making future spending plans.

Organize and save with the click of a mouse,
and see how you’re doing day by day.
Learn where your funding really goes,
so you can spend smarter and live better.


Submitting forms to your Passport Agency
has never been easier:

No more stamps, delivery or faxing.
No more calculations, date omissions,
forgotten signatures or receipts.

MDP is tailored to help you make the best
of your free time and available funds.

Have your say!

We are currently working on providing an
“Income Tax” report feature you can print off
for your personal Income Taxes.
This will be available soon.

Next, we want you to have your say!
Choose which program we will support from
any Direct Funding program in Ontario:

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
Ontario Skills Passport (OSP)
Special Services at Home (SSAH) – Family Trust