It sounds like a scam.

He did all there was in his power.

The guide led us to the hotel.

I saw James yesterday in a restaurant. He was talking to a girl.

George immediately drove to pick up Izumi from school.

Linder had dreamed of going to Harvard all his life.

You know I hate meetings.

I started writing a book.

I want you, Sangho.

Hokkaido is in the north of Japan.

The Bering Strait separates Asia from North America.

I wasn't going to do that.


She bought a loaf of bread this morning.

This store enjoys a geographical advantage.

I still can't play golf as well as I'd like to.


I wouldn't miss this for anything.

The reason for my silence is there was nothing special to write about.

The minister, whom I spoke to recently, agrees with me.


Boyd's dog was run over by a truck.

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The school is across from our house.

I'm just totally squeezed out with your unceasing demands. You just ask too much of me.

Jingbai is holding something behind his back.

Such behavior shouldn't be permitted.

Did you happen to see her yesterday?

Dan has been a friend of Linda's family.

The teacher teaches.

This kind of weather makes me want to stay inside.

You can rely upon his being punctual.

The first thing that hits you is the bright red discount drugstore sign.

She really likes playing with him.

Katsuko is at the head of her class in english.

There's no tomorrow for these people.

What a refreshing change!

He fled the United States.

This photo reminds me of Scotland.

The government started tax reform.


Felix can't swim as fast as Teriann.

"Er, Karin ..., shouldn't we call it a night soon?" "No! No quitting while ahead! Next time I'll win for sure!"

Your voice carries well.

I wouldn't tell them what they wanted to know.

I have 13 cats.

I think I'd like to be a teacher.

They kept us in the dark concerning their future plans.

I'm going to suspend my judgment until the movie is over.

I write poems.

I canceled my order for the commodities.

Tran has the knack of making people cry.

"Unfortunately the frankfurters split open when I was boiling them." "It doesn't matter, Jacobson. They still taste good."

The equator divides the globe into two hemispheres.

I've only been a teacher for three months.

We need to make sure that what happened in Waco won't happen here, too.

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She always says nice things about him, especially when he's around.


The world needs more tenderness.

I think we should look into it.

I want to talk with Alastair alone.


Jennie has a reef tank.

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Meeting strangers is one of the pleasures of a trip.

How many words are there in this dictionary?

Don't get distracted!

Jem didn't have to tell me about what happened, but he did.

My mother gets up the earliest every morning.

He went there swimming only to be drowned.

Let's try this plan.

How do you write your last name?

He was converted from his licentious living.


No, I don't have it with me.


He's staying at his aunt's.

Norm was looking around for something.

I don't know who sings this song.

I will not be able to open the box without breaking it.

It was incredibly fun.

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They demanded a salary increase.


Good to be here.

The workers stopped short of constructing that building because they didn't have enough money to finish it.

Have you got any beer?

The rest was my fault.

Bernie's peculiar attitude on the matter doesn't spring from any one cause.

Even though he is my neighbour, I did not know him well.

They can make the same product much more cheaply.

The popularity of the telephone has led to fewer people writing letters these days.

He is always studying.


Your dreams are almost as twisted as my nightmares.


You have no one to blame but yourself.

I know exactly what you went through.

Leave it alone!

I thought that you lived in Boston.

Sonny is really courageous, isn't he?

You will be universally praised for speaking the truth.

Keep an eye on the girls; they are poor swimmers.


Paula made himself a sandwich.

The party was such a great success.

When did you graduate from Oxford?

They assisted the painter financially.

Presley is going to find the answer.


I can sense your hesitation to tell the truth, but you have to do it.

Oskar's mean.

This proves everything!

I'm pleasantly surprised by that.

Without her help, I could not finish my task.

Jingbai has nothing.

What's it really about?


When I saw my sister's photo, I was astonished at how old she'd become.

Must I take this medicine?

There's a family room in the basement.

It's hard not to write satire. For who is so tolerant of an unjust city, so ironclad, that they can hold back?

The athletic meet took place on October 15.

Norbert told me to close all the windows.

Maybe she wasn't talking about you.


What I need is a little more time.


All the languages of the world are rich.

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Lukas doesn't mind waiting.

The person carried the piano.

He wants to dance.

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Dawn said that you'd be too busy to help us.


What's with everybody?

Pay attention to what you're saying.

I am a college student.

She died a few years ago.

I won't play because I've twisted my ankle.

Naim and Caroline decided to leave.

That must be the Mackintosh boy.

How do you say "ninety-seven" in various languages?

Polly admitted that she had dabbled in the magical arts.


Corey and Erick made their way through the crowded bar.

It was obvious that Juri didn't want to do that.

Trent lived, Barry is alive, Meehan will live.

You promised that Donald would be here.

Sir, I would like to deposit my money. How do I do that?

I'm a normal girl.

We can't let them go.

Would you mind if I took a break?

I don't know if there was a piece of paper in the box.

I see why Ramadoss doesn't like Kent.

I should've recognized him.


The population of Yokohama is larger than that of Osaka.

Cars keep to the left in Japan.

He says at every opportunity what a great guy he is.


A theory must be followed by practice.


I've played soccer since I was thirteen.

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No one had ever tried to supply such a large city by air.


We should all reflect on this point.

I saw through his game.

Dieter is used to talking to foreigners.


I don't wish to interfere.


You're obedient.

I am your friend, right?

Ted was finally able to communicate his thoughts in Japanese.

I'm not talking about Ross.

He knows New York inside out.

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OK, you keep quiet while we're in the store.

The world is my oyster.

Sharon must be a go-getter.


This house and this land is mine!

She hates raw onions.

He had to find another way.

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She didn't mention the accident to me.

I fell down and hurt myself.

Some people believe that Japan is No.1 in everything.

In my new house, the living room is on the ground floor and the bedroom is on the first floor.

Van wasn't my husband at that time.


He did the best he could.

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The scientist is working on atomic energy.


I'm pretty sure I'll get used to this eventually.