Maybe it really happens.

I like to walk along the river.

I thought you should see this.

Marconi invented the radio.

I don't even like Dana.

Could I get some tea?

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Don't try to frighten me.


Matt and Caleb need your help.

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You're not supposed to eat on the job.


I'll be back in twenty minutes.

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At the moment, I'm a cashier at a car wash but I think I will resume my studies later on because my job isn't enough for me to live on for now.

I'm a stupid old maid in my thirties.

Chuck spent all the money he had to buy Lar a Christmas present.

Please call him.

I never said any of that.


They never did anything.


Do you guys want to do something fun?

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He sang off key.

When did Leon say he would come?

They're trying to help.

I always try my best.

This monument is closed to visitors.

Amos walked first, and Jerry came behind.

Say something!

I thought this was what you always wanted.

I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me.


A school is a very easy place to make people more aware of recycling because the pupils take that message home.

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Keith has halitosis and his friends are reluctant to get too close to him.

The new trendy way to drink vodka is to pour it directly into your eye socket. However, doing so could seriously damage your vision.

I'm waiting for my girlfriend.

The orchestra struck up nostalgic music.

You had better consult with your teacher.

How long have you been in Japan?

Germany faced possible starvation.

I think it's about time for us to leave.

There are a lot of trees around the pond.

She has only six months to live.

How long am I supposed to stay here?

I should've called for help.

Bees are social animals.

Is Jerrie dying of cancer?

That's too expensive.

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What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

I sat next to Mat.

Everybody's tired.

I heard footsteps.

We must get rid of them.

Does the name Oliver Jackson ring a bell?

Things are going to change.

Our allegiance has never been to any particular tribe or kingdom - indeed, every language is spoken in our country; every culture has left its imprint on ours; every point of view is expressed in our public squares.

Mike is proud of his father being rich.

It is vital that you be present.

Can you hear I'm calling?

I consulted with my father about the plan.

This house is a very beautiful one.

I need to use your phone to call the police.

Life itself is the tomb where I'm turning over.


I'm not quite sure what I should tell Shean.


I wonder if Jean-Christophe has ever considered buying a smaller car.

I'd think twice about this.

He had faults, but despite that I loved him.


It was a pitch black night.

I'm going to go wake them up.

That's too much information to cover!

You're unbelievable.

Louiqa pretended that it didn't matter to him that Blair was going out with John.


Hello, Meg, how are things?

The ticket holds good for three days.

Samantha has arrived.

I don't mind helping you clean up after the party.

Early the next morning, the circus left for the next town.

Rod has been busy at work.

I'm fine, thanks for asking.

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That's quite another thing.

Why don't we just cancel the meeting?

The Sphinx is the largest statue in Egypt.

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I think we're going to be OK.

Go away, I want to be alone!

I cannot even boil water, much less roast a turkey.

That man is Steve.

Haven't I suffered enough?


Izchak hasn't had her dinner yet.

Sad to say, her son died young.

I cry whenever I listen to this song.

I went straight home from work.

He has risen to the present position by leaps and bounds.


Thanks, I owe you one.

I thought something horrible had happened.

Now I know what love is.

Sue is really scared.

It's so nice to finally meet you.

Kikki's husband didn't even stick around until the baby was born.

I put a piece of paper around the box and tied it up with a ribbon.

I was surprised that he had failed.

There's nowhere for Dorothy to go.


I don't respond well to threats.


He doesn't exist.

Will he succeed or fail?

I won't go back with you.

Will you drop in to see me on your way?

But where is this compass?


I didn't see a ghost.

This custom is dying out nowadays.

The swans on the river make a dreamlike scene.

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I have to tell you something first.

The train was on time today, as always.

There were a lot of people on the street.


Ever since he arrived, everything has changed.

What time do you start check-in?

Hank doesn't like me very much.

Please take me to this address.

I'd better wake her up.

How do you plan to change this?

The decision was in favor of the defendant.

Twenty dollars are one hundred and forty yuan.

Sergio wasn't sure at first where to go.


He made an endeavor to improve the situation.

Barbara got down on one knee and proposed to Patty.

I work for a stock company.

The fire is out.

I don't like them anymore.

You're not telling the truth.

You can borrow my car if you want.

I hold grudges inside, but it honestly depends on the mistake or whether it was actually intended.

The ship set sail for Bombay.


She's a real gossip.

You'll have to wait here.

Guy works for me now.


Tony jogs once or twice a year.

Julian loves talking to people.

I'm so cold.

Why on earth are you here?

Don't call Suzan anymore.

Take me to your place.

We depended on the newspapers for information about it.

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I know how hard Dick studied.

Stu doesn't like us very much.

Please lend me ten cents.


What reason did Santa give for doing that?

I was unable to finish my homework.

That's what I wanted to see you about.


How many hours did you spend doing that?

If you want money, I've got a rich husband.

Spy blacked out.

It is like a criminal to die by sentence of court, but like a general to die fighting with the enemy.

When actors decide to become musicians, they usually become pigeonholed quickly.


I'm tired of always listening to the same kind of music.

The angry wife was on the warpath; she hit her husband with a broom for coming home late and drunk.

Where did you find their cat?


You may or may not win.

How much did all this cost?

It'll take some time to get used to living here.

I ate a whole lot of cookies.

Dan landed onto the roof of a passing van.

The most important Shinto event takes place in the New Year, when millions of people visit shrines to pray for happiness and a healthy year.

It would be nice to eat at a fancy restaurant for a change.

There can only be one winner.

I can't check my mail. The server is down.

I don't want you to come.

He encountered a friend on the road.

Hurry up, or you will be late for school.

We're not worried about it.

I'm beginning to get tired.

Syria will not return to what it was.

Please don't leave it there.

Everyone wants what they can't have.

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Perhaps Hiroyuki is sleeping.