Have you finished reading the report?

Scot spoke only French.

You're not the center of the universe, you know.

I have been his greatest fan all my life.

This is a nice surprise.

First, we decide on that which needs to be decided, then we split into two teams.

I think I see the problem.

It was genuine.


Maybe we should come back another day.

Matthieu pretends that he just doesn't care.

I want you to know I appreciate your recommending me.

She is in the habit of keeping a diary every day.

Upon explaining plosives to his class, the linguistics teacher instantly became covered in spit.

Isn't that stealing?

I was in Paris twice last year.

She's jumping with joy.

A crisis in France could be bad for the United States.

She is as beautiful as ever.

These figures are signs of a family or clan.


Teruyuki is getting good at playing the guitar.

I visited the barbershop.

But the seat is too big for him.

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When will you return the money to me?

It is impossible for you to be too careful of your health.

Carsten's winning.


How many are there in your party, sir?


I couldn't find it anywhere.


May I touch these?

Wait! One! Two! Five--I mean, Three! Throw!

It's talking about how, thanks to air transport, we've lost the sense of 'season' for foodstuffs.

If he had not picked me up, I would not be here now.

Dan didn't even negotiate the price.

It's unlikely that the next person who walks through that door will be wearing short pants.

Ilya was a devout Christian who believed in miracles.

She made me laugh a lot.

Nobody mentioned my country.


It's not easy to master French at all.

Darrell has a bean bag chair in his office.

It may be all right.

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In case something goes wrong, please take care of my children.

Who looks foolish now?

Marcel surprised Terry with an expensive gift.

I want to go back to Vick's.

Debi doesn't look busy.

Clay's wasted.

I'm amazed that you say that.


Most back pain gets better on its own.

Can I have your cellphone number?

Hume made Jill his secretary.

We must make do with what we have got.

Drink a lot of milk, because that is healthy.

Honesty is very important.

What should happen next?

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I know all about her.

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Where did you acquire your deepest, most heartfelt beliefs?

Mario is not a very friendly guy.

Place small piece of potato skin inside the bottom of each larger potato shell. Fill each potato with an equal amount of cheese mixture. Gently press the surface of the filling with a fork to create texture. Brush tops with melted butter and sprinkle with paprika.

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What is it you like about me?

I've got it in my pocket.

She's afraid of getting sick again.


We will adopt your method at our school.

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I fear for Alexis's safety.

He came fifth place in the race.

Mathematics would certainly not have come into existence if one had known from the beginning that there was in nature no exactly straight line, no actual circle, no absolute magnitude.

I never heard back from him.

What's your cat's name?

Give this copy to her.

Elizabeth is independent of her parents.

We hate violence.

In the Netherlands, if a child is too insistent on asking for a cookie, he might be punished and get no cookie.

This is so confusing.

Needless to say, fear of war has to be handed down.

He told me that he'd like to become a scientist.

She doesn't want to talk about it.


Modern healthy eating experts put emphasis on eating wholemeal bread and eating more vegetables.

When will it suit you to start?

I expect that Bill won't do what you want him to do.


We need to rest soon.

How is your religion relevant on planet Mars?

Among the divisors of 90, how many numbers are not divisible by 9?

This is really going to happen.

Leith wanted Reid to pose in the nude for his painting, but she refused to do so.

The good news is that you're not going to die.

You'll be busy.

Jump across.

Thank you so much for this information.

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I'm so happy you called.

Kevan reminds me of someone.

Do whatever he tells you.


Mr Crouch, what do you do?

Even if it's just for a short while fighting alongside us is all I could ask for.

The phone stopped ringing.


He visited Kyoto last year.

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We missed them.


He was able to read the book.


Spring was long coming that year.


Whenever I'm in trouble, I confer with him.

You have a very kind wife and very good friends.

Grandpa fell down the stairs and got a serious injury.


I will have to inform them.

We are basketball players.

Mike could not keep up with his class.

We should find out pretty soon.

Hamilton has a date with Toby Friday evening.

First, I'd turn off the fire and then I'd run to a safe place.

He'll never beat me.


It's very likely going to be dangerous.

The doctor says Ray is out of danger now.

She refused to answer my questions.


Will you go to Boston next week?

I think they did that on purpose.

Don't be alarmed.

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She's intelligent and good-looking.

You're dismissed.

I had hardly walked for a few minutes when it began to rain.


He is doing a super job.

You think that the language that you want to learn will take over the whole world?

Ready, steady....Go!

The deeply desire needs to pay most of the price.

This should do the trick.

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Their job is to card the wool.

Janos has committed suicide.

What do you study English for?

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It's a strange story, but every word of it is true.

This bicycle used to belong to Celia.

We were unable to rescue them.

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Can I stroke your pussy?

I want it to look like a robbery.

Thank you dear Lord.

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How big an idiot are you?

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That's all we know about you.


This boat is no longer seaworthy.

You wouldn't like her.

Vern had fallen desperately in love with her.

Then where did you go?

The dog went under the table.

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No one understands that.


I'm tired of all your complaining.

I can't sleep when I'm stressed out.

He took a vitalizing walk along the riverside.


Did you call her?

Eduardo knew he wasn't going to win the argument.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Who doesn't come, doesn't disturb.

This article pokes fun at vegetarians.

I already have my hands full.

They sat up talking late at night.


Nobody saw the bird fly.

I need to get home.

Mr. Shimada works at an osteopathic clinic.


Did you already have a meal or not?

Mah is prone to mood swings.

I am dumbfounded.

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Weapons export was prohibited.

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What a nonsense he talks.

Nobody talks about me.

The speaker laid stress on the need for thrift.


I'm already twenty and I have no idea what I want to do with my life.