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Introducing: doris+
Personal Information Organizer

The SecretAgent we call doris+ is a 'Personal Information Organization' Software Agent that gives you superpowers in your real life.
doris+ simplifies your digital world, tying all your devices and data together, providing the backbone for the safe and easy use of personal information in everyday activities.
doris+ is Your Agent managing and organizing Your Secret Data and only You have access to Your data - really!.

Just like your favorite superhero, you can turn on a light with a swish and flick of your hand, or pay a bill by tapping your phone 3 times.
doris+ gives you these superpowers and more:

  • enable 'one click' access to on-line accounts - no more passwords!
  • facilitate 'one click' on-line and in-person purchases
  • manage banking information and transactions
  • provide reminders and fast bill payment
  • maintain full history of purchases including product information
  • control IOT and Smart Devices around your home...
  • knows where you are, what you are doing and responds immediately to your commands
  • has searchable history to easily find relevant transactions, personal data and devices quickly

doris+ keeps your private data private and acts on your instructions to manage all the details of your digital life.

What is doris+ SecretAgent?

doris+ SecretAgent is an advanced Software Agent that Securely Manages All of Your Personal and Private Information.
doris+ takes care of the mundane information entry and exchange for all types of digital transactions.
doris+ makes connecting with on-line services fast and is super easy to use for real world interactions.

The doris+ SecretAgent manages your secret information so it isn't exchanged as part of a login, purchase or any other type of transaction. This approach is unique to and secure because only one time use tokens are exchanged, no personal or private payment information is ever included in an interaction unless you allow it.
This means improved security because your personal and private information isn't on every web site you subscribe to so can't be stolen if and when there is another breach.

doris+ is better than Facebook and other social identity & authentication services because all personal and private information is kept private. is in business to protect your information, not sell it. doris+ SecretAgent is loved by users because it is fast and secure, business using the doris+ api benefit because it improves customer interaction and allows a richer internet experience.

TL;DR built doris+ to protect your personal information, not sell it to advertisers.

The digital transaction today:

  • create yet another account
  • enter name
  • enter email
  • choose a secure password

If this is a purchase the customer also needs to enter:

  • credit card data
  • billing address
  • to who?
  • for how much?
  • delivered where?
  • then confirm the purchase

doris+ makes digital transactions fast, easy and Secure.

This data entry is time consuming and frustrating.
Plus you hope the site hasn't been (and isn't going to be) compromised exposing personal details and possibly private banking information.

With SecretAgent Subscribe and Login are only one step:

  • Click or scan a SecretAgent token or URL

Purchases only require only one more step:

  • Customer clicks to accept the price and details of the purchase.

That's it. Login takes less than 5 seconds! Purchases less than 15 seconds! You are authenticated and your Login or Purchase is completed - Immediately. Plus since doris+ retains a digital copy of the transaction with the product description including serial number, model number, manufacturer URL etc it is easy for doris+ to search for and buy replacement parts ... all without typing a single word.

Since is a Federated Identity provider, it can also work with many other Federated Identity Providers, adding a new subscription or web site membership doesn't require them to create or passwords for them to remember. They only need one username & password, and have access to any SecretAgent enabled website or transaction. It is easy for web sites to create tiered access, where only customers with a specific level of membership can access some areas or features.

doris+ supports Federated Identity Providers.

Live examples coming soon!

doris+ allows secure use of personal information for on-line activities and in person digital transactions. This makes it faster, easier and far more secure for you to purchase goods, services and interact in the digital and everyday worlds.

  • Subscribe for the latest news, and get your place in line for early access to doris+.
  • is in the business of protecting information and respect your privacy.
  • Your information will only be used to keep you informed about and will not be shared.
  • Thank you for your interest in doris+!
  • 2017-02-18