Empowering organizations to get work done.

We make no-nonsense software to collect, process and present information.

Robot Blimp Industries is a small team dedicated to making software that helps you take the drama out of your day. We strive to solve specific organizational problems with simple yet elegant solutions.

Helium - Get Work Done.

Helium is a dead simple application to share, delegate, and complete tasks. Helium connects to your corporate email and Evernote to information you're already processing into actions – no extra steps, no nonsense. Sign up for the beta today.

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EthnoCorder - Research-grade surveys on your iPhone.

EthnoCorder is a powerful mobile system for conducting rich mulitmedia surveys on an iPhone. EthnoCorder is the perfect field tool as forms can be designed on any OS and no network connection is needed to conduct surveys or administer forms. Over 20 different types of multimedia elements are supported in both questions and answers.

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