Stephanie said he would do his homework by himself.

Can't you keep your voice down?

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The ship sailed down the channel.


You have to use the money wisely.

Christina wanted to spend some time alone with Herbert.

The rain stopped just long enough for me to dash into the cafe without getting wet.


I'm sorry, Reverend Mother.

Randell's joke was met with stony silence.

Slartibartfast broke his right arm.

I want to become a journalist.

He will come back to Japan in the middle of May.


The players were terribly excited over winning the pennant.


He laughed until he cried.

Did you see the transcript?

Divorce rates might reach a plateau soon.

Could you please gift-wrap it please?

Kee poured some beer into a dish and put it on the floor for his dog.

We're running a little behind.

Motorbikes are nice. You can move smoothly even through a traffic jam.


The cola made my tongue tingle.

Toby fell into a panic.

How fast the plane is!

Your bath is ready.

He spent all of his money on a car.


I know you can help us.

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always are there.

Who are you and what do you want?

It was no big deal.

Please just listen to me.

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How do you know them?


The team's schedule is grueling.

Please make a donation.

She lived there for years.


I want to have a talk with him about my future.

Sri owes what he is today to his wife.

I'm not just here to look pretty.


It's an expression.


I won't try to do it.

You earned it.

You were the one who insisted we come here today.

Well, I suppose you're right, Tim.

Hardly a day passes that I don't think of you.

Jayant was shocked to learn that the DNA was Joachim's.

I recorded the conditions up until now!


Miriamne will be sorely missed.

He pressed his lips against my hand.

She had a bad infection and her ovary swelled up.

Casey drank a cup of decaf after dinner.

It was a terrible confusion; Sue slipped later in the water. They're all mad at you.

We'll pay you for it.

She's been out of work for over a week.


There are many dishonest people in the world.

Excuse me. Where's the subway?

Mr Wood has his secretary type his letters.

There is no disgrace in being poor.

Now I realise why she was angry with me.

I like Korean cuisine.

I think I know where Cliff went.

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I think you're going to enjoy yourself tonight.

The end of which there were two little sketches of rhetoric and logic, the latter finishing with a specimen of a dispute in the Socratic method.

He has a grudge against you.


Someone stole my belongings.


I polished your shoes for you.

Takao attempted to kill himself.

He's really an oddball.

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I want to get involved with business strategy.

Nancy certainly knows a lot about Randell.

Amos flipped the switch.

I didn't go, but stayed at home.

Let me get Kit.

I asked her a difficult question.

He showed a great reluctance to help me.


Joon and Urs walked around the sand dunes.

I'm going to let you go.

You don't know whether or not Nathan was even here.

You seem to understand him.

This is a non-stop flight bound for Tokyo.

She doesn't admit that she is in the wrong.

He visited the grand temple every day.

It was only a dream.

He was incredulous of the story.

I know Todd was a friend of yours.

What did they expect?

I will show you around in return.

I can't even cook an omelet.

This meeting is a waste of time. Everybody is just talking in vague theoretical terms.

I bet we've all asked ourselves that same question more than once.

Let's get it open.

The newspaper said that XYZ oil company went belly-up today.


"I know how you really feel." "No, you don't!"


Let's begin our work at once.

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A miser hoards money not because he is prudent but because he is greedy.

You're not going to want to miss this.

The train leaves at nine, arriving there at ten.

I've never seen anything quite like it.

The world has ended yesterday while I was sleeping.


He faces many obstacles.


I don't think Syd understood me.

I want to show it to Irving as soon as possible.

Estonia's population is about 1.3 million people.


She caught her breath.

Do you have an appointment?

She sought forgiveness for her guilty acts.

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This is between me and her.

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I know what she said.

Loyd started to panic.

I am really tired of living.


They were wet.

We're glad to have you with us.

Few people can type using all fingers.


It was excruciating.


If she were here now, I could tell her the truth.

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I'm really sorry about last night.

Introverts often find it difficult to make new friends.

No one pays attention to me.

Marguerite has already crossed the street.

Soon we were clear of the town.

I don't speak to them.

I am beyond not in the mood for this crap today.

We're avoiding Dewey.

Muplis is a small tool for searching Lojban sentences.


Rajarshi asked Neville who she was looking for.

He was smiling as if nothing had happened to him.

Will this work?

Welcome to the machine.

I'm trying to make a living here.

Those prisoners were set free yesterday.

I can stay up late since I am on summer holidays.

It would have been better if you had stayed in America.

Do they remember me?

It seems likely that people in the city will move to the country.

The case stands on his testimony

We need to talk more.

This is a personal decision for every person.

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I majored in philosophy at my university.

Does it matter what I think?

I'm tired of listening to his boasts.

Around half of middle-school students in Japan have mobile phones, but if you look at those in high school then 97% have them.

Why would I tell her that?

What kind of stone is this?

Alan's the only one who wasn't at Lester's party.


It's a godsend.

Look out for the car.

He is as mad as a March hare.

Helen got home late last night.

I'm biased.

I'd like to find a way to improve my memory.

Does he have to run so fast?


Would you like to ask anyone else a question?


Do what you have left undone, if anything.

Somebody has to stop you.

At what rate did the illness spread?

But why doesn't she shut up?

We used to meet at that pleasant spot.

What's it used for?

I'll be there in a moment.


What is this object used for?

Harold can't wait to talk to Rhonda.

Sandra said I was going to die.

The school year ended.

Please contribute sentences in your native language.

After Kirsten's father died, his mother couldn't cope with looking after the house, so she put it on the market.

Please reply by return.