The train will come soon, right?

Liquor will have an effect on a person.

Japan is a country that is completely surrounded by oceans.

One of the two girls smiled at Bart.

My father was never around.

There are many words that I don't understand.

Would you please check this matter with your bank?

Boyd is waiting for you and Frances.

"Thank you!" "It was my pleasure."

To my relief he recovered from his illness.

All members must follow these rules.

Can we have a word with Eddie?

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Have you found a job?


How do you know about them?

Unique ideas helped him to earn a high income.

Shaw got confused.


Why don't you seem as happy as I am?

I don't know who started that rumor.

Whose book is it?

She could no longer provide for her kids.

Ginny ate the chicken with his fingers.


They have a right to their political beliefs.

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The newspaper always keeps us informed of the events taking place in the world.

Is Jeff still living in Boston?

I think it's time for me to ask for her help.


I want the same.


He took a taxi in order not to miss the train.

To survive in a hostile environment, one must be able to improvize and be tenacious.

It seems like you aren't very happy today.

The chances are that she'll quit her job.

I assumed it was free.

Marilyn told me not to drive too fast.

Carole is one of the richest men in Boston.

Mario took an overdose of sleeping pills.

Sergeant doesn't know when it'll happen, but he's pretty sure that it will happen.

You must not play.

Benjamin scares me.


We're not young anymore.

Michel tackled the problem right away.

I should have married your brother.


I'm flexible.


Metin hasn't arrived yet.

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Cut me some slack.


One of Bret's friends was killed in a traffic accident.

We need a new leader.

I'll try to get a hold of her.


He was wounded in the head.

I could do this for days.

Do you know who bought your painting?

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I am proud of your attitude.

Saumya had no idea when Gale would arrive.

He drinks far too much beer.


I understand what she's saying.

I know I've said some pretty stupid things today.

She rummaged in her capacious handbag.

Darren met Pablo a couple of years ago.

You don't really mean that, do you?


Have you ever heard Lanny talk?

Where is Cary going to get shoes that fit?

Beavers may be considered as the busiest mammals on Earth.

The days are getting longer.

This is all Reiner has to do.

You must come with me.

How long was Toufic in there?

Tanaka has tied Moe's limbs with tape.

Heavy industry always benefits from war.


A friend of mine showed me all the dolls he had bought abroad.

Who's responsible for these?

He was completely sloshed.

People crowd around the light, not to see better, but rather to shine better.

His voice reached our ears.

I prefer your eau de vie to your conversation.

I'm not related to him.

I slept on a park bench.

Music is the arithmetic of sounds as optics is the geometry of light.

You must be very pleased.

Neal isn't happy about it, either.

She is no less clever than her sister.

There's a grease spot.

Johnny isn't as old as Hilda is.

The prince bowed down to Snow White.

Personally, I like peace.

Let's calm down.


He is acquainted with many people here.

I didn't really think it out.

Stephen is not dead. He's alive and kicking.

I'm bringing wine.

Do you eat bell peppers?

She is holding a red flower.

I need a doctor!

Because of inflation, salaries can't keep up with the high cost of living.

I was just in the right place at the right time.

He stuck to his promise.

Shahid and Jaime aren't alone.

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Barney is a peach.


I was taking care of him.

Let me have a talk with them.

I've broken off contact with Jem.


Most people think I'm crazy.

Isidore agrees that's true.

That seat reclines further.

He grows a mustache.

Are you from the police?

I'll see to it that Hui does his homework.

Why haven't you told Santa about what happened last night?

How long did Grace say he'd be in Boston?

He resolved to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime enterprise.

Her good fame was greatly damaged by this.

I just got a call from your school.

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I had no sooner reached the station than the train started.

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Pratap is a smart girl.


Your argument is not based in fact.

I can't remember what Paula looks like.

There is a photo of Kylo on Olivier's desk.

He is the chief of my department.

Who'll believe that?

No one's ever told me that before.

That guy is always asking his parents for money.


I don't see him a whole lot.

I'm going to a conference in Boston.

Do you think you can make it to the party?


She differs from the others in that she has a goal.


He started to sing.

The principal made a rule for the purpose of giving a good school life to the students.

I hope this is going to work.


"Giles! Where are you?" "I'm here!" "But where is here?"


We can't accept all of this.


What's with all the books?


Eliot was in the garden when it happened.

How much is Zambian Kwacha in US dollars?

I'm convinced of that.

Don't overdo it.

Do you need a ride home?


Let's play volleyball.

Get ready! Tomorrow is the last day.

I didn't even see them go.

Helium is the second simplest atom. It consists of a nucleus containing 2 protons and two neutrons. Around the nucleus orbits 2 electrons.

Despite everything, Mara started to relax.

Let's not play tennis.

This is a good book for children to read.

I said I'd wait.

I think my suitcase was stolen.

There's something down there.

The fortress was secure from every kind of attack.

You should come through with your promise.

Watch my back.

He rescued the child from the fire.

The train gained speed.

The war continued.

I will not do that for the life of me.

Aimee needs to have a rest.

He is rigid in his views.


Mother carved us the chicken.

Please leave right away.

Paul is headed this way.


I'm married to Lori.

What do you think of Tim's new tattoo?

The whole village was laid flat by the earthquake.

The dish is too sweet for Larry.

Does that satisfy you?


How exactly did that happen?


Bread is made from wheat.

Frederick Chopin created his first musical composition when he was seven.

That depends on you.