Deep House Cleaning VS General House Cleaning

Many customers often ask whether errund provides deep house cleaning and general house cleaning? Our answer is always yes and then we try to explain deep house cleaning vs general house cleaning: General House Cleaning All Errund cleaning professionals routinely clean according to Bedroom(s) Picture frames dusted Floors mopped and/or vacuumed Furniture and accessible … Continue reading Deep House Cleaning VS General House Cleaning


Errund, Inc has received Qualified New Business Venture (QNBV) certification from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). QNBV certification program allows investors in qualified early-stage companies to receive a 25% state tax credit on the amount they invest in the business. The program, one of several WEDC initiatives aimed at helping early-stage companies secure new … (866) 663-3949


If you have used a cleaning service or are in the process of getting a cleaning service, you have probably asked yourself should I tip my cleaner? How much do I tip? Our customers have asked us these questions many times as well. Cleaners work harder for you than your waitresses and hairdressers. So if you … 8623126485

What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning has generated some buzz lately. It has various definition depending on who you ask. For some, green cleaning means using natural substances such as baking soda, vinegar and lemons to clean a place. At Errund, our professionals see green cleaning as using environmentally and human friendly products to clean your homes and offices. Green … spiraculate

Errund Presents at Chicago Startup Conference

Errund presented on April 26 at Technori, a startup showcase that featured 6 companies, including the CEO of Avant, a company which raised more than $650 million. Held at the Chase Auditorium in downtown Chicago, the 2-hour conference drew more than 300 attendees. Since 2010, more than 275 companies have been featured at Technori and … Continue reading Errund Presents at Chicago Startup Conference

Errund Property Protection Insurance

We are here for you when accidents happen. We understand that honest mistakes do happen and we are committed to protecting your property. Therefore, we offer you the Errund Property Protection Insurance. What is the Errund Property Protection Insurance? Our incidence rate is 0.1%. This means there's only 1 incident per 1,000 cleanings. While property damages are … Continue reading Errund Property Protection Insurance