The hike will take no less than eight hours.

We started at six.

It's not on the menu.

How soon can I meet her?

I love turtles.

This is the first time I've ever taken a picture of the Queen.

In 1632, Galileo published a book that said the Earth orbited the Sun. The Catholic Church arrested him and put him on trial.

Her English is excellent.

I brought my kids up well.

She raised her voice.

He spends in one day the money he has been saving for ten years.

One of the dogs is alive.


How much did that cost?

It was an incredible job.

There is need for improvement in your handwriting.

Someone is watching.

You're bleeding.

Petr has a clock just like the one Galen has.

Have you seen my red tie?

She was choked with tears and was unable to speak.

Write the address and the home phone number.

Welcome to my house, finally.

I did not understand him at all.

Edgar doesn't understand how this works.

I always play by the rules.


This should do it.

The new rotas are in the office.

I can make you a legend.

Would you like company?

Most of us still aren't eating enough fruit and vegetables.

It looks like I was right about Kristian not showing up for the meeting.

I have to go meet Jussi at the mall.

The teacher writes on the blackboard.

Sarah fell asleep in the classroom.


How glad I am!

There's something I need to know.

Tuan is flying to Boston next Monday.

I strongly advise you get out of here right away.

Michiel won't be around next year.

The mountain is covered with snow.

What's going on in here?


It looks like that may have already happened.

He is worthless.

The boys are still playing in the sandbox.


Won't it keep until later?


Are you in favor of that policy or are you opposed to it?


probitas maxima virtus est.

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We need to do something about this.


Hold the vase in both hands.

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Who hired her?


General Custer didn't kill any Native American. It was his bullets that did it.

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Beautiful evening, isn't it?

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They sent my suitcase to London by mistake.

She likes chocolate, too.

It isn't possible.

I never deceived you.

The girl is drinking tea.

The old man tried to hide his money under the ground.

Can I take it?

We walked along an avenue of tall poplars.

Leila is reading it.

I accept, but only on one condition.

What would I do if you died?!


Elliot is just upset.


Thierry was only slightly injured.


This is the first time I've ever authorized my workers to leave early.

The government owed millions of dollars.

Blayne didn't have to do that today.

What's the capital of the United States?

Do you know what color she likes?


She talked to the chairperson.


I've got an idea.

Robert usually sits in the back of the classroom.

Several women looked away.

Markku was head over heels in love with Liisa.

It was raining when they arrived.

I hit the man on the belly.

He is not there.


How could I forget something like that?

I'd like to give this to Antonella in person.

That hole should be filled, not covered.

Somebody poisoned him.

Most problems have many solutions.


I am master of all the birds in the world, and have only to blow my whistle and every one will come to me.

Surya knew it would happen.

He is obsequious to the higher ups and arrogant towards his underlings.

No offense was meant.

If you skip breakfast and keep lunch light, then in the evening you can have whatever you want.

If you participate in a decathlon you'll be throwing a discus at some point.

I don't like this one here you go.

We must baby Donal until she gets well again.

Quit picking on them.


I can't concentrate with all this commotion going on.


I know what you're thinking now.

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Luc knows exactly what he wants.

This machine cranks out a thousand screws an hour.

I had my brother correct the errors in my composition.


Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

You'll get tired.

Wait for me until I write you.

It has been raining a full five days.

I wish I could have met him.

I'm sitting here with Claudio.

School uniforms are just out of fashion.


Maria Callas was a famous opera singer.

He behaved as it should be.

Orchids demand daily care.

He will soon get used to the class.

I understand now why he didn't go to a university.

Let's abolish soccer!

There are no direct flights to Bologna from here.


I just spent three days in Boston.


Even if your sentences were actually senseless, you at least have the luck to be able to form beautiful sentences.

Don't ruin our fun.

The train left the station on time.

I promise you I'll keep you safe.

He seems very sleepy.

Bob came home pretty late.

Don't touch my sandwich.

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Shutoku opened the box and peeked inside.

Juliane won't give us any more trouble.

It's not in my contract.


I got out my knife and peeled the apple.

I can't remember ever being so bored.

When does the train leave for Boston?

There's something wrong with him.

I think Jitendra doesn't have the courage to oppose Hsi.


Sedat figured that Wolfgang would like to know the news.


I need body lotion.

Robin will be coming back Monday.

You killed my mother.

Our team can win.

He rolled up his shirt sleeves.

We should leave quietly.

He grappled with his brother.

You really have a talent for translation.

I've decided to quit my job at the end of this month.

She's a born artist.

Meeting you here is an unexpected pleasure.


Do you want to touch it?

Where is everybody now?

We're not ready for that to happen.


Don't get so excited!

It was a stroke of genius.

Hurf tried to cheer Stewart up.


Many murders have been committed in the name of patriotism.

The ice is too hard to crack.

The police found Linda's shirt in Dan's room.

I saw them just this morning.

Arthur didn't want Ralph to be in trouble.

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Don't keep criticizing me!

I know Skip well.

Julianto shivered.

It was at Oxford University that Corey studied history.

We were just having a little fun.

It's natural to get nervous when a plane takes off.

There are currently more open apprentice positions than applicants.


His parents acted to calm him down.

What are you proposing?

Floria ate something.

I thought after your meeting with Eli, we could have a little talk.

This scandal will soon be well known.