How it works

  • You chosing places of interest. What is most touristic places of your city? Or maybe you know secret places which don't know even professional tour guides?

  • Create route on the map. When tourist arrive at marked point he will hear your story.

  • Upload photos and make text annotation. Create interesting story to attract tourists!

  • Record your story and upload audio to web site. Don't forget to test your tour in real world.

  • When finished your tour will pass the moderation and appears in our catalog. Tourist buy and download it and you earn your money.

How it looks like for tourist

  • Tourist downloads our GPS based application from store.
    Inside it he see all available tours.
  • Tourist choosing excursion based on its annotation and ranking.
  • After purchase inside app tourist downloads the route and audio.
  • Then tourist made payment
    you will see your earnings in your account at web site.


Tourior for translators

  • If you know different languages you can make translation of existing tours instead of creating new ones!
  • Mark languages that you know in account settings and you will see tours available for translate.
  • Translate description of every tour point, record translated audio and upload it to web site.
  • Doesn't matter where you are - you can translate tours around the world.

People say about Tourior

  • Tour guide

    For me Tourior - platform for earning and self-realization. Every day I lead tour groups in St. Petersburg «live» and online. The second option requires almost no effort: I create the tour once, and guests of the city buy it every day. I am glad that in a format I can convey to travelers the vision of the city, not limited by standard routes.

  • Translator

    I speak well in Russian and Italian. In Tourior I've choosed the audio tours in these languages and translated them into my native Czech. It's fun and profitable. 1-2 translated tours a week provide a good extra income in the 25-30% of my basic salary, that's not bad.

  • Tourist

    Service is convenient because here is a lot of tours in one place. I downloaded two tours of Rome and Madrid, and they were really exciting. No comparison with group tours. In addition, the cost is much lower because there is no extra charge from travel agencies.

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