Derek Meulmeester

Web Application Developer

Ottawa, ON. Canada



I'm from Ottawa Ontario, and hold a Bachelor's Degree of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia. I spent the first five years of my career working in the Financial Services Industry for Morgan Stanley as a Technology Associate. Initially starting in an HR Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions Team consisting of 2 application developers, I became familiar with full stack development and got hands on experience developing feature rich Web Applications.

Eventually moving to a larger Strategic Performance Reporting team of approximately 15 developers within Private Wealth Management I was exposed to developing a highly scalable application used by the full Financial Advisor population. I then moved into the lead developer role on the Order Status application which provides a real time view into FA's trades across asset classes. I focus on developing efficient, elegant, and performant UI's which people will enjoy using.

Finally, most recently I've joined Shopify as a Front End Developer.

Work History

  • Senior Front End Developer -   Shopify ,  Ottawa, ON

    Services Marketplace aims to connect Merchants that need assistance with Experts that match their needs. Shopify is in the unique position of having both the Merchant and fantastic Partner ecosystem. This enables us to intelligently match Merchants who want to focus on their business with Partners that can assist with Technical expertise.

    • React + Redux powered dynamic form for collecting scope of work using 727-596-9182.
    • Ruby on Rails
  • Front End Developer -   5145277008 ,  Ottawa, ON

    Shopify has one of the largest front end architectures in the world, and our front end development team works on making our client-side scalable, approachable, and an exceptional experience for hundreds of thousands of shop owners across the world. In addition to building and maintaining our HTML, CSS, and JavaScript architecture, front end developers build both new product features and developer-facing tools. Their goal is to make the complex approachable for merchants, and to enable the rest of our R&D organization to build UI of the highest code quality and best user experience possible.

    • Consolidating the online partnership tools and experience.
    • Ruby on Rails
  • Technology Associate -   Morgan Stanley ,  Montreal, QC

    Wealth Management Technology is the technology department responsible for the design, development, delivery and support of the technical solutions provided to Morgan Stanley's large community of Financial Advisors and their retail Capital Markets Trading Desks. My main responsibility has been to develop the new features & enhancements requested by the Business Unit, and I've also re-designed the build infrastructure to improve the stability and reliability of the application.

    • Lead developer on the Order Status application. Written in AngularJS and used by ~25,000 FA's, this application provides real time updates on trades across all asset classes using WebSockets.
    • Designed and developed a system to process 2 Million Monitor Reports. Reduced the existing processing time by a factor of 100 using logical batching, MQ, and batch JDBC operations.
    • Built a custom Sleeved Grid ExtJS component supporting animations for displaying Scheduled Reports.
    • Designed and Implemented the Project's Continous Integration Environment using Jenkins which handled testing, building, and deploying the application.
    • Introduced Unit Tests to the front end code base using Karma/Jasmine test Frameworks.
    • Introduced End to End Tests to the front end code base using the Protractor Framework.


  • Web Development
    Ruby on Rails HTML5 CSS3 Sass Less Javascript Ajax JSON XML Redis MySQL PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript
    AngularJS 1.x ExtJS 4.x VueJS React Redux jQuery NodeJS Jest Karma/Jasmine Protractor Chrome Extension
  • Web Services
    GraphQL REST Apache CXF Spring (IoC/JDBCTemplate) Hibernate
  • Build/Development Tools
    AWS Digital Ocean Heroku Grunt Gulp Webpack Jenkins CircleCI JIRA Atlassian Stash Git Github Perforce


  • University of British Columbia -  Vancouver, BC

    • Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Nanotechnology and Microsystems
    • Enrolled in EECE Project Integrated Program
  • Technology Analyst Program (TAP) -  Mallon & Associates, Manhatten, NY

    • Received intensive training from (313) 614-8347 instructors on a variety of topics including OS’s (Linux, Windows), C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Perl, and SQL (Sybase & DB2).
    • Gained a global network of peers, since employees from Europe, Asia, and NY all took part in the training together.
    • Worked on a project for displaying customized metrics in a team of 3 sponsored by the Retail Structured Products Business.


  • ROC Award (Recognition of Outstanding Contribution) -  Morgan Stanley

    ROC Awards recognize the high quality and excellent work specifically when it comes to demonstrating or driving Innovation, Collaboration, Resourcefulness, Client Service & Support and Operational Efficiencies. Specifically I was recognized for dedication to educating team members and improving the development life cycle.

  • Technical Guru -  Mallon & Associates Training

    Was nominated by the other ~50 students as the Technical Guru of that class.


  • AngularJS Workshop -  CAN-CWiC

    Delivered an AngularJS workshop at the Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing conference where I explained the fundamentals of AngularJS through an example of recreating the Netflix browse page.

  • Intersection of a Line and Plane -  Youtube

    A short math tutorial on finding the intersection point of a line and plane shared on Youtube which has received over 20,000 views.