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The Harmony Experience was created to bring awareness to different causes using the universal language of art, music, and food. While we all have our own tastes, these sensory experiences enable us to find common ground around common causes, such as our deteriorating oceans, loss of biodiversity, sustainability, animal cruelty and the overall care of the planet.

Our interactive events will help to educate the public and raise funds for the organizations that are driving change and making a lasting, measurable impact

Visionaries: Alyx Ander, Alexa, and Josh Carr-Hilton


Harmony Experience launches with its first program, Project Ocean, a multi-pronged program featuring art, music, cuisine, that will raise awareness around the myriad of issues impacting our oceans. Alongside the efforts of its partners — Oceanic Global, The District, Orangenius, and Digital Domain — Project Ocean will help provide needed resources necessary to drive positive change. Profits from Project Ocean will benefit Oceanic Global and its efforts to generate a measurable impact and ignite global action for our oceans in crisis.


The health of our ocean and of our planet is at a tipping point. Our home is composed of seventy-percent Oceans and our Oceans produce over seventy-percent of our oxygen – that is more than every other breath we take. We are all intrinsically connected to our Oceans. Our health –the health of humanity- depends on their health. Human activity such as climate change, overfishing, plastic pollution is threatening the health of our ecosystems.



93% of global fish stocks are currently either overfished or fully fished and over 1 billion people depend on seafood as their only source of daily protein.

Plastic Pollution

By 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish in weight. Every minute the equivalent of 1 garbage truck of trash enters our ocean. Plastic pollution is toxic to animal, marine and human health.

Reef Bleaching

Coral reefs take up less than 2% of the seafloor but manage to support 25% of marine life, sustain up to 1 billion people. At our current rate, 75% of our coral reefs are projected to die out by 2050.

Marine Protected Areas

Only 4% of our oceans are currently protected, and from that only 2% of our oceans are highly regulated.


Project Ocean will focus on the following themes:

Profits will be donated to Oceanic Global for use in conservation and educational programs.


1. sensoryexperience



Top music artists from a variety of genres will create original or new renditions of songs based on the Project Ocean themes.



Three world-renowned chefs will partner with the 1 Hotel’s Executive Chef Fernando Cruz to create a six-course dining experience using invasive species and environmentally conscious cooking techniques.



Artists from around the world can enter a competition to design the cover art for each of the songs created from the sound experience.  Cash and other prizes will be awarded to finalists and runners-up.



Selected musicians, artists, and chefs involved in Project Ocean will go on location to create a documentary series exploring our degrading oceans.

2. eventexperience



A private, invitation-only dinner will be held at the 1Hotel in Miami.  Guests will be served the dishes created by the chefs from the taste experience.


Live Music

Local musicians will perform live, acoustic versions of the songs developed from the sound experience.


Speaker Series

Industry experts on marine conservation, sustainability, and environmental protection will give talks during the dinner, which will be broadcast live and recorded for later promotional use.


Silent Auction

Held before the private dinner, the Silent Auction will be open to the public, as well. Buyers will be able to bid for items online in real time.


Gallery Show

The cover art contest finalists and runners-up will show their original works in a pop-up gallery show.  All works will be made available for sale.

3. sensoryexperience



Songs created during the sound experience will be made available through streaming media services along with the finalists’ cover art. Proceeds will benefit Oceanic Global programs.



Limited edition signed prints or lithographs of finalists’ and runners’-up cover art will be made available for sale through the Orangenius platform.  Proceeds will benefit Oceanic Global programs.



An experience reel from the dinner will be created and sourced to major publications and media companies in order to educate the public on the issues surrounding the health of our oceans, continue to support the efforts of Oceanic Global, and bring awareness to the Harmony Experience and its future events.


The Harmony Experience is not a one-time popup. It is a new way to bring together people of different cultures and demographics though universal mediums. Our continuing goal is to pair established talent with rising stars so we can not only nurture underserved causes and organizations, but build a core team that can help the Harmony Experience grow. The success of Project Ocean will set the tone and direction for the next several years of programs. The following outlines the potential expansion of this important endeavor.

We are committed to giving back to organizations who are dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and conservation programs around the world. Through partnerships, events, and sales of environmental products, Harmony Experience is going to generate increasing contributions to fund organizations leading these causes.

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Oceanic Global is a non-profit that taps into universal passions of art, music and emerging technology to educate individuals on issues impacting our oceans and provide them with solutions for driving positive change. The millennial-oriented organization takes a uniquely creative approach to conservation, creating immersive experiences that engage local communities, amplify the efforts of synergistic groups, generate measurable impact and ignite global action. For more information please visit 334-587-1084

Digital Domain creates transportive experiences that entertain, inform and inspire. Our company is a pioneer in many fields, including visual effects, live streaming landmark events in 360° virtual reality, building situational awareness applications, creating “virtual humans” for use in films and live events, and developing interactive content. 7139816418

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