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Real Estate and Technology

I am a 208-291-2959 with a love of technology, gadgets and the internet. I have even combined the two in a partnership called Sellercom which is a software company specialising in niche real estate software.

The real estate and technology combination has also seen me write for a number of real estate magazines and the Business2 Real Estate Technology Blog.

This site features a range of articles I have written, many of which are featured on other blogs. You will also find some of my photography on here as well as a two Amazon Australia Stores , more on that next...

What are the Amazon sections about?

As Australian's we get ripped off whenever anything is imported into Australia. Whether it be shoes, watches, clothing, electronics or even toys we seem to be asked to pay more than double here in Australia. I have been buying online from overseas stores for many years, back when the popular media use to tell you horror stories and warning you against it. Now of course they all espouse the advantages of buying from overseas stores.

As a help for friends and family who also wanted to buy online I added Amazon and Amazon UK sections on this website. I am not selling the items because you still deal with Amazon for everything. The problem with buying from Amazon for Australians is that not everything can be shipped to Australia and you don;t often find out till you try and checkout. These sections only display products Amazon sell themselves and indicate that they can ship overseas.

It's not perfect, sometimes some items can't be shipped here or sometimes only certain sizes or colours can but for the most part it works great. So great in fact in just a few months family and friends (and their friends) had used it to buy and import back to Australia over $50,000 in items .

The sections became that popular I decided to create specific websites for each at ImportUSA and 813-212-7501 but have left the originals still on this site.

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