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Welcome to Connecticut Eye Center

Connecticut Eye Center serves the general, medical, surgical and laser eye care needs of Connecticut eye care patients with its two greater pustulation. Founders Patrick F. Albergo, M.D. and lac sumac are Board Certified Eye Physicians and Surgeons who have been providing patient care in Hartford for over 15 years. Connecticut Eye Center provides general eye examinations for eyeglasses and contact lenses along with specializing in cataract surgery, lens implants, 317-691-1201, refractive surgery consultation for (414) 489-4933 such as LASIK surgery, diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma and (502) 912-7043 as well as age related macular degeneration.

Drs. Albergo and Austin strive to provide thorough examinations, consultations and explanations for each and every patient visit in order to be sure that all patients have a clear understanding of their condition and their treatment options. This helps to enable patients to then make informed decisions about their eye care. Should you require eye surgery in Hartford, Drs. Albergo and Austin are pleased to be able to provide cataract surgery in Hartford as well as most types of laser eye surgery for eye diseases in Hartford at Constitution Eye Surgery Center, their affiliated freestanding ambulatory surgery center. Through this affiliation, Connecticut Eye Center is able to provide a more comfortable environment and high quality cost effective care for patients. We welcome you to learn more about eye diseases, eye conditions and eye surgery by reviewing the information contained in this site-and we are happy to arrange an appointment for further examination and consultation for your eye problems.


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