Mwa may be the traitor.

I know guns.

I wasn't offended.

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I was surprised to learn that Marek was a liberal.

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Years of farm work have hardened his body.

You could say the team lost because of their bad services.

Isn't that an English book?

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That's why I wasn't able to arrive yesterday.

You can get energy from the sunshine.

We just want to talk to him.

His books are interesting.

She wanted to marry an all-American man.


I care about you a great deal.

Rabin is very unhappy, isn't he?

Grandmother carried the table by herself.


I need a driver to take me to the station. It's raining.

The ground is still wet. As likely as not, the game will be cancelled.

I really hate job hunting.

Leslie hadn't thought about Jan for days.

When you go to the grocery store, pick up some cottage cheese, please.

Coffee beans are not beans, but seeds, and peanuts are not nuts, but beans.

Sheila showed me some pictures of him when he was a kid.

These colors are beautiful.

He couldn't hold back his tears.


How do we upload photos to your website?

Brandy managed to escape.

There's a small scar on Oscar's face just under his left eye.


The doctor is with another patient.


I don't want her to get upset.


Isn't that kind of cool?

Heidi knows exactly what Chip wants.

Look, I need this.


I baked an apple pie.

I want us to stay in an expensive hotel.

She ate the apple.


My mother goes to the hospital in the morning.

He didn't have nightmares.

She is proud of her sons.


North Africans don't tolerate injustice and oppression.

My robot's name is Maruchi.

Let's hope for good results.


I went shopping in town today.


The mouse is small and all alone.


It doesn't really affect me.

Are your feet cold?

Jong said he was going to stay up all night.


They won't put up with this, when they find out.


A bad habit is easily acquired.

The groom hid inside the wedding cake.

I received her letter yesterday.

Sea, fire, and woman, three disasters.

Do you think that my way of teaching is wrong?


I carpool with them.


You're not allowed to smile either.

Why are we lying to her?

In the evening quiet, we enjoy the song of the euphonious nightingale.

There are various ways of enduring the pain.

This was before people knew how to record voices, so we don't know exactly what he sounded like.

We're getting ready for that.

I'm sure you have better things to do.

If you love Tatoeba, then marry it!

Leaving the train station, I saw a man.

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It's very boring.

The engineer is working in France.

It matters little where he is from.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

I can't leave work until five o'clock.

You should give up drinking and smoking.

He's not supposed to be here.

Kathryn is a slow eater.

It's not as bad as you think.

Why did you start learning French?

Let us protect our peace!

She did not walk to the gym.

She's only a shell of her former self.

That Schubert sonata sounds really familiar to me.

Stop harassing me.

The matter is still under discussion.

You don't mean that, I'm sure.

It was the window that Jack broke yesterday.

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

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"Just where are you, Dima?!" Al-Sayib asked, getting a towel to wipe the spilled Fanta.

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That store doesn't close till seven.

We can talk in front of them.

I wish I knew how to play the trombone.

Five years have passed since I came to Japan.

He was ill, but today he's all right.

She shot her.

Words cannot describe the horror I experienced.

She must have forgotten all about the promise.

The little girl lived in Brazil.


Work-life balance is not just a problem for women.

I like the diversity.

Have you checked the suggestions box today?

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Only Naoko drinks coffee.

I'm running for city council.

I probably swim better than Panos does.

What happens if I say no?

Your coat is very beautiful.

He has to fix the clock.

He died quite suddenly of heart failure.

She always interferes with him.

I'm with Leith.


The trial was fair.

Does he have a girlfriend?

It is doubtless that he was murdered.

I've been in this place too long.

That's right, since we're taking a walk anyways, I wonder if we could spend a little time walking through the forest too...

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He never gets into argument without losing his temper.

I don't like teachers who dislike students that ask questions.

"What's your name?" "My name's Raman."

I hope neither of them was injured in the crash.

Have you reconsidered the plan?

Come what may, I am determined to accomplish it.

Why is it so important I be here?

The reservation number is 1003.

They did not assimilate with the natives.

Christopher's new outfit is guaranteed to turn heads.

At which hostel did you spend the night?

I'm on my break.

You're on the wrong bus.

The neglected room remained unoccupied.

Harrison's health grew worse.


You made me lose.

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Ritalynne Jackson was the CIA station chief in Baghdad.


Addiction is one of the problems of the youth of our day.

Do you like only the boys?

Most people think so.


I have an Asus laptop.


Masanobu cut down a cherry tree.

I arrived ahead of the others.

I make my own luck.

I ask your soul and consciousness: Would life be worth living without the death penalty?

How do you know that Marian has never been to Boston?

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Dan, the son of a poor man, dreamed of a university education.

Don't blame this on him.

Look me up next time you are in Kyoto.


Where can I get a taxi?

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I reviewed the budget, and decided to cut costs.

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I was just having fun.

I don't die.

I get the feeling that you don't like me.


That jacket is way too big for you.

Did you tell her how you feel?

I want to invest a little money every month.

Many young people make use of their summer vacation to climb Mt. Fuji.

What a heavy desk this is!

We bound her to secrecy.

Malaclypse couldn't rest.

You know everybody.

Mitch doesn't know where he was born.

She would often play tricks on me.

Hon gave me a couple of slices of toast and a glass of milk.


There was nobody under 30 around.

My father is two years younger than my mother is.

I always list what I need before I go shopping.

I have a pick, two shovels and a wheelbarrow.

Man is a sun and his senses are his planets.

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He has a capacity to gain everybody's confidence.

Lisa will come to save us.

That's a great deal.