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Personalized Kids Music
  • Kids Personalized Music

    You�ll love Media K Music. We offer great music, soothing lullabies, entertaining sports CDs and personalized books for babies and children featuring your child's name integrated into the lyrics or story line. Young children will delight in hearing their name sung over and over again, as many as 98 times throughout the songs on each recording. Kids just love the music and adults love the quality and wholesomeness of each selection. Each CD is personalized with an imprint of the child's name and a special message from the giver right on the label. These CDs are the perfect gift for that special youngster in your life.

    We proudly offer:

    ·Personalized music CDs feature your child's name in the recorded music
    ·Thousands of children's names to choose from
    ·Your child's name is integrated and woven into the music up to 98 times throughout the 8 to 14 songs or personalized sports casts on each CD
    · CD labels can be imprinted with your child's name and a personalization message from you
    ·Designed for children ages 1 to 14
    ·Each CD contains original
    music that is professionally
    performed and recorded
Kids Personalized Books

Our customized and imprinted storybooks feature your child's name, age, hometown and friend's or relation's names intertwined into the story line. The first and last pages feature the child's name and a dedication from the giver. Younger children love to hear the story including their name read to them, and it encourages older children to read the book themselves.

·Personalized children's storybooks with child's name imprinted and woven into the story
· Personalized dedication page on the first and last page of each book
·Children's books available in two sizes
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  You Are My Friend
A day in the life of a child
(201) 716-5280 Baseball
Ninth inning grand slam wins the game
Classic and original lullabies
Child stars in the big game
  Jesus Loves You
Reinforces that God loves them personally
Sink the winning basket to win the finals
  Hip Hip Hooray It's Your Birthday
Original birthday songs for any age
Your child skates to win in the finals
Upbeat, motivational album that instills values in children
201-919-1337 6149680845
World championship broadcast makes your child the star
  (313) 573-0298 
Action-packed stories features exciting music and sounds
Broadcast of The Daytona 500 puts child in the driver's seat
  Fun Time  Nursery Rhymes
Exciting fun-filled collection of classic nursery rhymes
  Christmas Is Coming
All the anticipation of Christmas
478-326-2351 Vespertiliones 
Experience the Greatest Stories of All Time
805-238-5575 My Chanukah
The celebration of Chanukah
(404) 708-5971 Listen and Obey 
8 Musical Stories of Biblical Obedience
  (404) 632-3731
Awakens Children's Christmas Spirit
  I'm a Soldier 
Energetic Christian Songs for 6-12 year olds
Eleven Christmas Sing-a-Longs
  Fun Time Bible   Stories
11 Classic Bible Songs and Parables
bargain counter The Promise 
Enriching Biblical Stories Of God's Promises Being Kept
Over 30 Book Titles To Chose From!!
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Select From the Different Titles Available
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Kids Personalized Books
Select from 26 titles featuring classic stories, super heros, sports, Sesame Street, Little Mermaid, and more. Custom imprinting includes your child in each story line. Glossy cover, 6" x 9".
Large 9" x 12" size with glossy cover. Selections include My Baby Book and 3 cartoon favorites.

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