Were you talking to me?

They had to build bridges over the many streams.

I saw him enter the room.

Marla looked very tired when I saw him yesterday.

You should probably do what Andre asks.

The number of automobiles has been increasing.

Just the thought of Spanish makes me feel less cold.

Great thanks, friends.

Vernon was buried alive.

You're injured and need medical attention.

Milk easily turns sour.

He's my stepbrother.


They're working.

Cliff couldn't believe that Anatole could be so stupid.

He loved her very much.


Without supplies, his army could not fight very long.

Father can swim, but Mother cannot.

No conventional weapon has enough power to completely destroy an aircraft carrier.

The significant point as regards the segregation problem is to clarify the value system of each group.

What? You still don't know how to drive a car?

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Your friend can come any moment.

It's been hot this month, but today's an exception.

What the fuck are you up to taking advantage of his proximity to cling to him like a wet T-shirt?!

Donn took his dog for a walk.

May I ask them a few questions?

We don't know who did this.

They don't let anyone enter without special permission.

He produced a rabbit out of his hat by magic.

Let's get this started.

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Quit your bellyaching. You goin' to do it, or not!?

He is a big eater.

He bumped his head against a post.

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Hi, I'm looking for friends.

Having said it, Mayu hangs her head in embarrassment.

He discovered that he had made a mistake.

Erick said he has a lot of homework to do tonight.

The kindergarten yard is shaded.

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You don't have to make excuses.


This coffee tastes bitter.

I am not your daughter.

Actually, Suzanne is his real name.

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After First Contact, the material and spiritual development of humanity flourished.

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Rodney isn't the only one who thinks we shouldn't be doing this.

I have something.

There are many simple games which can be played with just paper and pencil, such as hangman and tic-tac-toe (sometimes called naughts and crosses).

I thought about resigning from the company.

Children are always doing some mischief or other.

Ning never was poor.

It's a matter of personal preference.

Whenever you come home late, your parents will start harping you on it, and you'll find it unbearable. No matter how late it gets, they'll stay up just to wait for you. They should just go to sleep already, don't you think?

I love the Sun.

I can't do anything until this project is done.

Children are innocent.


I followed Vadim there.

It stuck in his craw that he was forced to step down from his position after 40 years.

The police persuaded her not to jump off the bridge.


Saqib put the phone down.


We saw a dim light beyond the river.

Ben and Cory seem to really want to kiss.

Why does the moon shine at night?

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They took turns driving the car.


I have a daughter in high school.


Can I talk now?

We were hurrying in order to make up for the wasted time.

Jerald is a self-employed plumber.

Did you believe him?

Thuan fell madly in love with his childhood friend, Blair.


It wasn't easy for me.

He kept it secret.

Both sides accepted the proposal.

Nobody's been hurt.

I want my job back.

I'm going in first.

I'll do anything to make it up to you.

I see them pretty often.

They have to answer the question.

Our problems are nothing compared to Rodney's.

Elias is a fan of bicycle motocross, or BMX.

The eyes of Europe are fixed upon us; she demands of us a living example of freedom.

The family loves to watch murder mysteries together.

With her pure voice, Kate shined outstandingly on the stage of a musical.

Generally, the Japanese are polite.

We planned a party for them.

You think I kissed Theo, don't you?

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What's wrong with that woman?

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I don't want to eat with you.


I heard that Naoto kissed Paola.


I know what it's like to lose a father.

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That is likely what I saw.

I didn't know that we were related.

This doctor is a man of culture.

He entered his room.

I'll pay my own way.


The student felt that her low grade was not just.

He saved my life at the risk of his own.

Portugal has a very good team.

Who are you to speak with me like that?

She quit school for health reasons.

She is seeking my advice.

Eating and drinking makes the doctor rich.

Tammy is probably really tired.

Eduardo is a member of the NRA.

I recognized one.

You don't have to lecture me.


Take more time off!

He tried to kiss her.

That was just a little bit weird.

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You'll hurt yourself if you're not careful.

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This road goes to the city.

This is one BORING movie! Wow!

You look dead, bud.

I'll take your coat.

Do you remember them?


There is no doubt that his sons are good boys.

The Roman legions withdrew in 410 A.D..

Adrian has developed a new system for learning English.


Which do you like, green tea or black tea?

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I tried it over again.


We have finished the work for today.


This movie is highly recommended.


Antony threw her husband's clothes in the fire.


Roderick landed his helicopter on the roof.

I think he just looked at me.

What is hell like?


The capital for this plan was prepared.

The man tries the coffee.

They backed me up in everything.

Norman has very nice handwriting.

I saw her dance once.

I need your help for my job.

You probably think I'm crazy.

Nikolai wasn't really happy.

Kee probably thought I wasn't able to speak French.


That's why I came to you.

What were you afraid of?

Alejandra wrote to her pen pal in Italy.

No one likes me.

The dress in the window caught my eye.

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I don't think I'll be able to get in there with Kylo.

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Can I get you a beer or something?

I said to her, "You look pale. Are you all right?"

He couldn't get the job.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

She was filled with grief at the news of her sister's death.

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King was dressed casually.

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My brother goes to college in Kobe.

You are safe here with me.

While listening to the radio, I fell asleep.

The pride of New York is its museums.

"Did Jesus walk over water and then turn it into wine?" "No, that's a different story!"

It's not time to stop yet.

Hang up the phone now!


I said I wouldn't tell him.

I wrote a letter to my parents at home.

Emily lent me her book. I'll bring it back to her later.

In all my travels I've never seen a more beautiful mountain than Everest.

Is there a space in your sleeping bag?


For God's sake, what are you up to now?


My book is very heavy.