The combinations of several types of samples are no longer taboo, just the opposite, therefore you do not have to worry about combining more tartan samples, and merge freely with animal, floral and other, at first sight incompatible, prints. If you are still not a champion of a striking loo, choose a simple piece like a popular charmer shirt that has become the basis for the autumn-winter casual styling of every woman. In addition, in the game, you can also wear pens, skirts, dresses or shawls, while the rest of the styling will be one-color in this case. If a tartan wears in a casual variant, it’s quite clear, but you’re wrong if you think it’s not suitable for some more sacred moments. Indeed, however, to achieve the right effect, the carefully selected details are key. In short, you do not have to be punk or grunger to get the tartan and put it in your fashion shows.

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Every season the popularity reaches in the fall and winter days, and although long ago it was reserved for the male population, today it enjoys fashionistas all over the world. Vivienne Westwood is one of the designers who celebrated this pattern, and has always seen the influence of punk and grunge fashion. Tartan has long been a taboo theme, and you can combine it with other prints, animal or floral, and achieve a striking look. This season’s stitched pattern comes in a variety of variants, designers have moved away from the traditional look and experiment with color and material. This pattern is embedded in elegant pieces such as poncho and coat, but comes in casual releases such as dresses and shirts. Reinterpreted in different ways, it is best expressed with black and white combinations, or simple shades typical of winter, such as gray or brown. Courageous will also decide on fashion accessories in this style. We bring some of the pieces you can enjoy this fall. It is wrapped in again, but this pattern is not only reserved for punk and grunge style, but is also worn in a make-up edition. Karate was once a Scottish clan uniform who competed who would have a better design. By the 19th century, the stitched pattern was used only by men.


We do not know whether you’re involved with an American farm or Kurta Cobain, but the shirts are again in fashion. The sleeveless shirt with which you can really play offers you the choice of style. Decide what you want to be today and play clothing items that hide in your closet. Karate shirts are a great return to the past season, especially if we are talking about returning to fashion brands. They still remain the symbol of the grunge generation that has resisted fashion trends and who lived for Nirvana. Today they accept all the make-ups that are in the sea of ​​how to wear wrapped shirts found their favorite. The worn-out shirts are a reflection of a bun in some hand. It is precisely for this reason that they are allowed to wear them in somewhat strange variants such as a few numbers too large. If you like them simply falling from your shoulders and not shaping your body lines, you can freely borrow them from your boyfriend, brother, or father.

The last season has become popular with men’s mascots, with a checkered pattern, and if you’ve got it, know that you’ll look absolutely chic this autumn.

High Street Brands have already made sure that such items are included in their offer, not just jackets, but also whole suits, but also skirts, shirts, t-shirts … And while those with a combination of gray patterns prevail, there are pieces that are enlivened by the details in color. You can wear pants that you buy with a jacket, and you can combine all this with some cool sneakers and a plain white T-shirt, an ovesized word or in some more elegant variant with a shirt and high heel shoes. You can wear a pair of jackets instead of an autumn jacket, and it will greatly match the denim. We are sure that autumn will be in the hallmark of quilted garments.

We found some quirky pieces in the current offer of designer and high street brands and agreed several combinations The days are shorter, the tempesters slowly descend and although the summer is not over, the autumn shelf has already arrived on the design and high street shops. With a variety of trends such as squirts, animal samples or lacquered skin, we will be able to carry a pattern again this fall.

He comes on classic skirts and suitcases for business occasions, on daily dresses and cannons, coats and jackets and even shoes, and we know how to combine him this autumn. This combination is ideal for every day. It’s nice, but it looks chic while open-legged lace holders enjoy the bare feet while the temperatures still allow it. Along with them, choose classic jeans and a simple but elegant top and spice up with striking earrings. If we had to choose only one piece that we will invest in this fall, it would definitely be a charity jacket. Unlike last year when shops were “flooding” gray models, this year’s offer was enriched with those in colors. So you can find pieces in shades of blue and brown, and what has not changed is the Prince de Galles pattern.

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