If I have time, I'll drop in.

Since the student has worked very hard, he is making rapid progress.

What will it take to bring him down?

Holding an eel too fast is the way to let her escape.

I should probably help her.

Don't you think you deserve that?

He is jealous of her talent.


I wouldn't dream of telling Terrance.

The beer is served in a beer stein.

The informants we used consisted of twenty Americans and twenty-one British.

In life there are ups and downs.

Naresh will help me.

She arrested me.

The escaped prisoners are considered dangerous.


Bryce can't go right now.

Are we talking about the same Randall?

What's Pilar supposed to do?

We divided the bread into two pieces.

I'll get ice.

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She moved to America.

When I was in college, I always studied most of the night just before a test.

The gorgeous cake made my mouth water.

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The Arabic script was replaced by the Roman alphabet.

What do you think we ought to do?

Mechael's dead.


Leon is listened to because of his persuasive power.

I didn't expect you to come today.

The number of fish caught in this river was very small.

I'm so lost.

I've missed you so much, Ahmed.

His tyrannies were beyond endurance.

I saw the film and found it interesting.

Shut up and clean your room!

She learnt a new technique.


I won't let anyone harm you.

He thrust the door open and marched in.

Every dollar helps.

They don't pay me attention.

Torsten enlisted in the service.

If only he would marry me.

He's the most likely to succeed.


Jerrie worked all day yesterday.

How often do you write a letter to your mother each month?

Turn at the first corner to the right.

Nobody else was there.

Spock wanted to marry his true love, Jaime.

This is a great day.

Are you going to help me find it?

Sanand is a grouch.

Andreas weighs a lot more than Kristin.

There are many fish in this lake.

Linda was a controlled wife.


That gives me goosebumps.

Celeste will probably know what needs to be done.

You have to continue to study.


How many were there?


Whether he will come at all is doubtful.

We're getting divorced.

Have you found her?

Suspense is the very stuff of narrative.

Those burly books were really expensive.

You were right and I was wrong.

My mother cooks for me.

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Have you finished reading that book?

Jock will be arriving at about 2:30.

I went to Boston with Alan.

I wish I could live my life doing only what I wanted to do.

How much is that laptop?


You had better take an umbrella.


Nathan's French is hard to understand.


How many books do you think you've read so far?

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How much does Sue know about Jimmy?

Slow and steadily wins the race.

They can't make up their mind.

Sedat is Kyu's brother, not her father.

My father was never around.

You kids must be hungry.

He has narrow shoulders.

Pratapwant is a ballet dancer.

What's your favorite animal?

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Carter is sophisticated.

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Ram will pick the kids up after school.

All Sehyo does is watch TV.

Golf is a really expensive sport.

I regret having said so.

We don't even know when Collin was born.


What would be best for Giovanni?

He is in conference.

The Spaniards are a friendly people.


Aren't you the boss?

When we're in a hurry, we cut through the park.

Chewing gum is a sweet which is made of rubber.


My mother thinks that caesarian sections are dangerous.

I would rather not go to school today.

I tried many times to use a personal computer.

Which fruit do you want?

The man standing over there is Mr Smith.

How tall do you think my daughter will be in three years?

Either student can come to the cinema.

Apply a bandage.

"Here's a dollar. Go and buy a cup of coffee." "That's not enough."

Tell them that they're wrong.

You will not be ready.


They say that Norm came to Brazil.

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He is the last man to break his promise.

Pierce looked up at Timothy and smiled nervously.

You might learn something if you pay attention.

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Merton never seems to have any money on him.

Julius carried Arne to safety.

I saw an old woman cross the street.

Don't do that anymore.

If you see the sight, you'll go bananas.

Marc can understand us.

Let's stop this fruitless argument.


We won't let anything happen to you, I promise.


The girl is doing homework.


They had a heated discussion.


The boy skipped over the fence.

I wasn't watching.

My opinion is the opposite.

You cannot achieve anything without effort.

When science shall have described all that is knowable in the universe, then God will be complete, if we take the word God as synonymous with the totality of existence.


The dominance of English kills the European debate.


There are not many parking spaces on this particular street.

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The bridge between Denmark and Sweden is almost five miles long.

Evan didn't know the meaning of "anglophobia," so he did a quick web search to see if he could find out what it meant.

You can't give them that.

Several students came to the library.

I think Dave is drunk.


I won't beg for my life.

Dan thinks that I shouldn't even write this.

I was named after my great-grandfather.


This is a scientist who is respected by all.

More than a billion people live in China.

You may not agree with him, but at least he stands up for what he believes in.

Your closet is already full. Space will have to be freed up somewhere else for your new clothes.

Then that means I lost everything.

She has no idea what I intend to do.

It wouldn't take so much time for me to do that.

They have cherished the child as their own.

This is my younger brother.

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I don't really need your help.

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You're only as much as you settle for.

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Why did you say such a thing?

Your meaning didn't come across clearly.

I'm leaving Boston.

Baseless speculations.

You sure sound grumpy.

Are rabbits cuter than squirrels?

I owe what I am today to my father.


I'll ask my father to give me some money.

I never listen to them anyway.

We play basketball together.


A fast walker can walk six kilometers in an hour.


Tell her to get in here.

I should definitely go.

Out of all of my children, Ernesto is the youngest.

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Ji is being reasonable.

Linley still despises me.

Skeeter finally lost patience.