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All of our goods are custom,  handmade, and built from the ground up, from custom turned wood bats to paper art, goods, and more..

We are here and happy to help you visualize and create your custom piece.  We can also help you find and create the perfect item you didn’t know you wanted!

Our goods make great gifts for those you love, especially yourself!


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 custom turned bats

Our custom turned bats are designed and created in multiple woods, models, colors, and finishes.  Our game bats are built for quality & performance in Grade A Ash, Maple, or Birch.  Our bats are boned, or “racked” to ensure strength & durability.  We offer multiple color and finish choices, including our signature vintage distressed style.  Complete your custom bat with custom vinyl lettering & logos. 


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Please call 720.635.2762. We are here to help you with your custom project!  We can answer any questions you have.  

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