How to Call for
Balloon Phone Sex:

When you call the balloon fetish phone sex line, you'll first hear a short recording about our service, and then you'll be to key in your credit card number (but it won't be charged until after you talk to a real person to set up your call - don't worry). You can also press "1" to pay by check.

Next, you'll be connected with a live receptionist who will get all the details of your balloon phone sex fantasy.

Please, be completely honest with the receptionist - she's a balloon phone sex expert and the more information you give her, the easier it will be to find the perfect looner girl for you. Remember, anything goes!

There's no reason to worry - everything will be kept completely private and discreet. Our only desire is to ensure you get the best balloon phone sex experience possible.

Interested in something out of the ordinary, even taboo? No problem at all. Just tell the receptionist and she'll handle everything perfectly, with no limits.

Balloon Phone Sex.

Hard to find. Available right now.

Most people who work in the adult industry - have never heard of a balloon fetish. Most people who work in the phone sex industry - have never heard of a balloon fetish. So it makes perfect sense that finding a looner girl to call --- is almost impossible.

Our girls aren't "most" girls, though. They're not only familiar with balloons, they love playing with them - and talking about balloon and inflatables fun. No matter what excites you, we have a perfect match just waiting at the other end of the phone.

For example, you can call and have our ladies blow up any size of latex balloon you desire - or if you'd rather, she can use a pump to inflate her balloons (or inflatables). Want to hear the air rushing out or the balloon squeaking as she does it? That's what phones are for; you can hear every sound as your balloon phone sex girl plays. Want her to tease you - or excite you - as she breathes her soul into a latex companion? Call now.

Once the balloons are inflated --- you tell us --- popping or non-popping? We have looner girls who love each. No popping? No problem. And if you prefer popping, you can choose how it will happen: blow-to-pop or over-inflation, sharp objects, heels, long nails, cigarettes, you name it - and you can hear your lady squeal or scream along with the pop. Looking for someone to share the anticipation or the fear of balloon popping? This is where you'll find a sympathetic lady to share with.

Want your balloon phone sex babe to bounce or ride? Just say the word; they have a huge selection of oversized balloons that are perfect for bouncing or riding - and an incredible selection of inflatable animals, pool toys and lots more. Want her to rub her balloons on a certain part of her body, or to squish them, or stuff them? Just ask and your balloon phone sex girl will be more than happy to structure her play exactly as you'd like. One of the select few who is into balloon sex? We have ladies who are into it too - you'll be amazed at how much they're into it.

We also can satisfy very specific looner needs, including the merger of balloons with other fetishes such as domination, smoking, feet and many more. Fantasize about hooking up with two balloon ladies at the same time? Just ask. There are no limits and there are no taboos. You've found us - now try us.


Popping or non-popping -

inflating or riding, squeezing or rubbing -

balloons or inflatables.

We cater to looners, 24 hours a day.

Toll-free: 855-3-FETISH


(928) 290-9431