Data has evolved into the cornerstone of every enterprise function. No longer only the concern of IT, a company’s data is key in unlocking growth and potential. But many companies face the challenge of making this valuable resource accessible while developing actionable business insights. Plus, teams, already stretched to their limits, lack the expertise in the most current data tools and platforms, such as Hadoop, AWS, and Talend, or the time to learn them. At the same time, companies burdened with existing proprietary solutions are hesitant to dedicate time and resources to new and untested technologies.  Our team of professionals can help navigate through the maze options and challenges to deliver innovative data solutions that unlock the potential of your data.

Wavicle’s experience spans the data lifecycle, from designing the right architecture to crafting business intelligence and analytics solutions. We collaborate with you, solving today’s data challenges, preparing you for tomorrow’s, and helping bridge the gap between.

Our technologists and analysts stay on the cutting edge of new data tools and frameworks, but also retain deep experience in dated technologies. Our broad understanding of the data solutions landscape means we avoid reframing your projects to fit the technologies we know. Instead, Wavicle recommends and builds right-fit solutions for your enterprise.

With heavy investments in current solutions, companies are leery of change, yet face a driving need to invest in new technologies or risk falling behind. Wavicle believes in the “Fail Fast” approach by focusing on a functional M.V.P. (Minimal Viable Product) – small, production quality efforts that prove the value of Big Data and the depth of insight from business intelligence and analytics, but without the heavy cost and time constraints.

Project budgets are always a concern. Wavicle uses a Global staffing model, mirroring on-shore with off-shore teams, that allows our customers to maximize their investment yields.



Vision and Strategy

Embarking on, or updating, your business intelligence and data strategy and vision presents a challenge. Wavicle can help.


Analytics Framework

The most important consideration when implementing your business intelligence architecture is not what technology it’s built on, but what the business need is.


Data Health Check and Refactor Performance

Data warehousing and business intelligence has expanded beyond the boundaries of IT into the greater business ecosystem.


Machine Learning and Automation

Wavicle has the expertise you need to initiate or expand your use of AI to improve your business.

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Big Data Adoption

The problem is no longer getting data. The problem is what to do with it and how to turn it into actionable insights that become business differentiators.

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Cloud Migration

Lift-and-Shift or Cloud-Native? Wavicle can help formulate the right strategy for your cloud migration efforts.

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