You've been busy, haven't you?

Someone's gotta do it.

Elijah eats very little.

The fire spread and licked the neighboring house.

I can offer you something to drink.

She will get married to a rich man.


This place is large, isn't it?


I have nothing you want.

He is not so much a teacher as a scholar.

You did something incredibly stupid.


Their job is to correct articles.

Clara is not an idle boy any longer.

My name is Juba.

Great figures don't meet high standards, but rather make their own.

Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks.

You should totally do that.

During the holiday season, a lot of stores jack up their prices.

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You should tell Geoff where to put that.

The paint hasn't dried yet.

His last lecture at Waseda brought down the house.

She had her blouse ironed by her sister.

Elwood said he wanted me to spend the summer in Boston with him.


I found listening to him very interesting.

The wedding is going to be quite an event.

You kids stay here.

This country is safe from attack.

That's not so important.

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Allen didn't tell me about you.

He didn't eat anything yesterday.

They sit in the kitchen and drink tea.

Theist and atheist: the fight between them is as to whether God shall be called God or shall have some other name.

I don't know how much Elaine makes.


Is Mr. Jones in the office?

I don't see why we had to meet here.

You are such a mouse potato.

Izzy is quite friendly with Will.

Moore stared at Vijay's photo.


We haven't found her yet.


I looked back to see if she looked back to see if I had looked back.


Erick has to go see Spock.

It's very sticky.

Andreas did some backflips on the trampoline.

She abandoned her hope of becoming a doctor.

I hate everything about it.

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The music is in balance with the structure of the movie.


Cows have udders.

I take it that you are fully acquainted with the facts.

How is your first name pronounced?


Roxane was beaten black and blue.

How about a song?

Arnold is a dwarf.

I bought a new bag.

I've been out looking for Jwahar.


"Zelda, the floor is under my feet!" "I know!"

She's wearing a loose coat.

Can you do it alone?

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I'll go look.


They are more active at night.

Your mother eats shit.

He has an inferiority complex.


When did Rand go?


She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

I admire his dedication.

What does your sister do now?

Does he know what you did?

Let's wait until he wakes up.

The note was from them.

I live on this planet.


I'm glad I did that.

Nobody talks to Sofoklis except you and me.

She is a good, milk-bearing cow!

It would be very interesting if, the soonest possible, there would be the possibility to do advanced searches on the Tatoeba database.

I don't think that there's anything left to fix.


Have you told your friend the news yet?

"All humans are mortal" is an empirical observation based on millennia of experience.

I don't know anyone in Boston.

Please explain why you can't come.

Do you realize what you're asking me to do?


We can't just do nothing all day.

Straka killed three enemy soldiers.

Please help yourself to some apple pie. I baked it for you.

I can't just leave him there.

You trust him completely.


Who on earth are you?


Could I have a sip?

I could live peacefully here.

The selfish man was despised by his companions.

Russia rejected both demands.

In the past, the boys were taught to fend for themselves while still very young.


Her name's Irina.


Amir is trying to cut a deal.

Will you let me use your telephone, please?

This is the first time I've hugged Rhonda.

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She wired she was coming soon.

We like to have fun.

We'll be out of here in a few days.

As he was growing up, he had found nothing but hate around him.

Why do you always talk about Tatoeba?


Glynn didn't use to like red wine, but now he drinks it almost every day.


What a nonsense he talks.

Ronni's mother and sister had breast cancer.

I think you've got a really bad attitude.

We must replace this moth-eaten carpet.

Johnny sat down on the couch next to Hein.

We must stop this.

He looks like a monkey.

The company sent out a memo with an apology for the mistake.

I'm not that stupid.

He's your son.

Leon won't be coming tonight, but I'm not sure why yet.

Toronto used to be called Fort York.

For all his success, Spy was regarded by all as a fluke.

Patricio followed my advice.

I don't think you can do this.

Kosh is a Vorlon ambassador in the Babylon 5 space station.

Their defense came apart.


He meddled where he wasn't wanted and it backfired on him.


We have to get rid of weeds.

I obeyed the rules.

When you were two years old, you could already count to ten.

I like my teacher's dress.

How is it in the market?


I'll stay for three months in Paris.

I believe as long as we allow conditions to exist that make for second-class citizens, we are making of ourselves less than first-class citizens.

But it's true!

I believe he is honest.

It's all starting to make sense.


Floria, there's something I want to give you.

I don't feel like dealing with Vern right now.

Clark can't be over thirty. He looks like he's about eighteen.

Nobody wants you to be happy.

Felix thinks Merril should apologize to John.

Many say they are sorry, but no one does anything to help.

Ricky was drinking.

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They've been out there a long time.

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In her opinion, he is the best musician she has ever seen.

There is always something to translate in Tatoeba.

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.

The graph of the cosecant function has vertical asymptotes.

It's quite different.


I really need to be alone right now.

Playing the piano is her favorite pastime.

I've finally made a decision.


Give that to Vicky.

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I speak a little Scottish Gaelic.

How do you like your boss's plan?

From here to there there are only a few kilometers.

Tell me it's a photomontage!

I wonder whether you could do it alone as well.

He pulled aside to let a truck pass.

What he said is a good idea.

What time will the flight arrive in Boston?

He made a model airplane for his son.

I can teach you my language.

It happened that the day was my birthday.

How long is too long?

I've never known Terry to be violent.

He worked hard in order to get the prize.

She accompanied her mother as she bought shoes.

Call me if you need my help.

I told her not to come here.

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That girl is certainly a hard worker.