I wanted to introduce you to Billie.

We've made a stupid mistake.


I raised you better than that.

Charley does not let her sister borrow her clothes.

Dawson never drives above the speed limit.

He got out of the cab in haste.

This ticket entitles you to a free meal.

Neither Anatole nor Tony speaks Spanish.

I never said I didn't want you.


I don't know where Novo and Mayo met.


What is this cake called?

Corey shuffled the cards.

The Lvov city council once more draws attention to the false information regarding the intention to ban speaking Russian in Lvov.


In 1497, Zuan Caboto explored Canada.

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She has a friendly appearance.


It will not be long before he comes.

My sister went to Italy to study music.

It's been a long war.


I wish to work in the laboratory some day.

Obviously, he can do whatever he wants with his money.

They called their son John.

You know quite a lot about Sumo.

Don't tell Courtney where I live.

Is it shameful to crap or shameful to watch?

Guido wants to change.

Kuldip convinced me that Leo was right.

Betty filled his glass again.


Her eyes fell on the baby.


I got those pictures you asked me to take.

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Dwayne isn't happy about not going to the dance.


Don't talk to her like that.

Even a nightingale isn't without its gall.

I'll teach you.

How are things at home?

Who else knew about her?


Jerry didn't take the car.

The police will be very interested to learn that you're keeping Francis locked up in the basement.

Juergen is in a better place now.

This room is awfully cold.

Jeany is pig-headed.

Why did they fire him?

It was one of the quietest boats I've ever been on.

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Jitendra looks tense.


I never even mentioned Charleen.

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No matter what happens, I will never change my mind.

He is intelligent, knows many people and is resourceful.

I've been doing this longer than you.


Hank had nowhere to return to.

Finally they both fell asleep.

I can't make excuses for you.

There used to be a restaurant in front of this bus stop.

Amarth didn't know whether he should stay a bit longer or leave right away.

I've got a feeling Lum doesn't really know how to speak French.

That's a bit of a problem.

Ken's father was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year.

I'll sit over there.

My wish is to go to Switzerland.

What's your favorite perfume?

Today is my little brother's twenty-second birthday.

Isn't that astounding?

I'm Romain and I'm an addict.

She died in his arms.

I came out here to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Conrad is really funny.


Christie is never late.


She was the valedictorian of her class.

Lewis has some family in Boston.

The plan has failed.

Bud just doesn't understand.

Are you sure you have the right address?


He couldn't make up his mind which course to follow.


I feel smart today, to a degree that is in proportion to the amount of good rest I had yesterday.

G-Dragon is my future husband. He may not know it yet, but it's set in stone.

Evan seems to be suffering from a guilty conscience.

His T-shirt was a burnt orangish colour.

Ask him.


Promise us you won't hurt Takeuchi.

Corn is an important crop in the United States.

Jayesh will need physical therapy.


I won't leave without Pascal.

Thanks to the amusement park built last year, the city has become popular.

I need to make a new playlist.


Who broke the window? Tell the truth.

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I'd better go check on Deb.

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What is the distance between New York and London?

Although the accident has delayed progress by one month, we have managed to catch up with the schedule.

I did some stupid things.

I had issues I had to deal with.

Ask me anything.

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It's high time you were in bed.

She chose a light blue dress.

We must try to conserve our natural resources.


We have to be patient.


I just feel a little dizzy.


They need to answer this question.

Maybe some other time.

Could you tell Honzo that I'll be a few minutes late?


We have work to do.


We act without fear or favor.


He lived in the center of London.

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Sigurd is three months older than me.

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She laughed at my jokes.


My life's an open book.

They are teachers.

We've got to find them.

Do Japanese people eat sushi every day?

I'd like to thank everyone who translates my sentences.

I know Carisa will forgive me.

I don't want anything to happen.


I want you to meet my friend, Hohn.


His niece is attractive and mature for her age.

I haven't formed an opinion on the subject yet.

Please don't interfere with my plan.

Your photograph doesn't do you justice.

They brush their teeth twice a day.

The man, whom I didn't know at all, knew about me well.

You're always drinking alone.

I want to someday go back to being human.

Her name often escapes me.

This could take awhile!

We aren't here to hurt you.


They threw me to the dogs, the wretches!

Let's find out who stabbed her.

I've been meaning to read this book.

Danny has no chance of succeeding.

No one of us is immortal.

I'm not filtering your tea.

No, I don't have it.

I can't tell you what it's for.

Let's have our picture taken with the statue in the back, shall we?

I could only take what fit into the suitcase.

She's hopelessly in love.

The chair is made of wood.

The members told us about the strange experience in turns.

Olivier and Gail looked at each other through the window.

Hiromi decided to risk bungee-jumping, even though he was scared.

We were always together.

You guys can do it if you try.

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The bus driver was not impressed when Page pulled out a $50 note to pay his fare.

Who cooks for you?

He brought us sad news.

I saw her earlier.

Rhonda could have come yesterday, but he didn't.

If you were forced to sign that contract, then it's invalid.

Who is your wife?

He always sings in the shower.

I'm not so sure about Mac.

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I'm hoping to make stay a little longer than that.

That's my signature.

You said you'd help us.


Honestly, why does everyone need to self-identify and self-label themselves? It's downright ludicrous.

I opened one eye.

Do you have to do this right now?

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Are you going to pay?

The work has to be finished before noon.

Nobody can save me.


What was she doing exactly?