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Frank shorter
Frank Shorter
Olympic Champion Marathon

"The training philosophy that made it possible to become olympic champion is at the heart of running.COACH. As we developed plans for everybody, running.COACH suits every level: From the beginner to the absolute competitive athlete."

training schedules for everybody

You would like to improve your fitness
and to take up running

Are you doing your first experiences in running and you need a structured and consistent training program? We have the right plan for you

You are looking for
a training plan specifically for marathon / half marathon

Have you decided it's time to run your first marathon or half marathon? Are you looking for a suitable training plan? We have a training plan for every distance from 5 km to Marathon.

You want to beat
your personal best

You are running already for many years and you are looking for new challenges in order to beat your best time. Our dynamic training schedules help you to achieve your goal.

Why running.COACH?

It´s intuitive
and easy to use

Upload your files from your Garmin, Polar, Suunto, TomTom or Fitbit device directly into running.COACH.

You can also import trainings directly from Strava or Runkeeper.

Running.COACH offers you specifically developed tools for analysis. You can, for example, compare your performance in different competitions with help of a tool which calculates a performance index for each competition based on the distance, the metres of climb and the result.

it´s dynamic
and adapts to your progress

running.COACH analyses your training plan and adapts it if necessary (for example, in case of progress on your part).

After illness or injuries, running.COACH automatically suggests a rehab plan, in order for you to slowly get back to your previous level.

it´s customised
and individual

Our training plans are customised and they adapt to your planned main competitions and competitions for preparation.

Your running experience and your current capacity are considered for the generation of your individual schedule.

After you having entered your basic information, you will get your trainings presented in a nicely structured way. The plan includes necessary information such as training form, duration, pace, as well as explanations on the goal and the purpose of a given session.

What runners think about running.COACH

Christoph Friedli

Christoph friedli

Thanks to continued training with running.COACH, I was able to clearly improve on distances ranging from 10km to mountain running and marathon in the past couple of years, without risking an injury. Those successes encourage me to aim at new targets time and time again.

Geneviève Racine

Genevieve racine

running.COACH motivates me a lot. It helps me getting variation into my training, as well as adhering to my recovery phases after physical efforts. I know that, this way, I am capable of achieving my goal: to run the Berlin Marathon. Hence, for me, the decision to use running.COACH is a small investment for a big goal.

Paul Hügli

Paul huegli

After struggling with several muscular problems for more than two years I am now back on track. Thanks to the structured and dynamic training plan from running.COACH I could steadily increase the work load and never lost motivation. After the first competitions this summer the hunt for new personal bests and other goals is to be continued.

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