The majority of students here are diligent.

Some day you will come to realize the importance of saving.

We're all very proud of you.

I'm sure yours doesn't quite compare mine.

Money is everything.

Roger got shot in the head by a sniper.


I'll say!

Wouldn't that be something?

I saw them leave.


I'll get right on it.

Hirotoshi is the one who went to Boston with Van.

I didn't know you had a roommate.

The style is nice, but do you have it in a different color?

What's the fun in this?

The day of judgment has arrived.

I'll never forget the soft and moist skin of my lover on that summer night.

The theater was too crowded.

I am no longer tired.

Tracy is the one who did all this.

She really ate too much.

That wouldn't happen to be my key, wouldn't it?

I know how happy it would make Brender.

Losers are always in the wrong.

The festive mood was slightly spoiled by terrorist bombs.

Jean and Philippe are going to take a look.

The lady is over eighty.

How are your studies?

Wayne took a bite out of his sandwich.

The whistle blew.

The living room in my new house is very large.

Store at room temperature.

I need Archie to sign this.

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The general theory of relativity predicted the deflection of starlight by the Sun.


His latest novel marks a great advance on his previous ones.

Insist on the best.

I was disgusted with his pointless talk.

Nelken wasn't fat.

I like being a little star, being a big star is too much pressure and I don't like pressure at all.

We must've made a mistake.

I am going to study.


I know Darci was the one who did it, but I won't ever be able to prove it.

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I feel hungry.

Why don't you go over there and talk to Spudboy?

Gregor called to say that he couldn't attend today's meeting.

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She is rich, to be sure, but I don't think she's very smart.

Look at what he's wearing!

I have an audition this afternoon.

As a matter of fact, I know nothing about it.

Every word matters.


Well, what do you want me to do?

Divide the money among you.

Sonja tried to look busy.


The trial lawyers couldn't get past the Mafia leader's stonewalling tactics.

Noam says he's OK.

Larry wanted to go to college.

This time it has to work.

Raise your hand if you have a question.

It was a simple matter.

At first I didn't like him, but I do now.

This wasn't my question. I wanted to know something else.

This is the festival I told you about!


The average height of the girls in class is over 155 centimeters.

Can you help me on this one?

The Durrani Empire was established in Afghanistan by Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1747.

Stewart is not a team player.

Radek didn't look as excited as Hubert.

Is he a doctor?

Arne was very polite.


I got married at 30 and, at the same time, I started getting infertility treatment.

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Terry thought Cookie would be a good name for his dog.

I don't have the time or the inclination to do that.

Others came to escape religious persecution.

I don't want to talk about that here.

We're going to be here all afternoon.

Obviously, he is lying.

I want to give you the chance to do that.

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The police can't find her.

Jeremy has never gotten over Nick's death.

It's a little more than that.

You should keep in mind what I told you.

Why didn't you tell me in advance?

I've seen this movie many times.

I'd like your report as soon as possible.

What would Rajesh say if he were alive today?

He was equipped for a trip.

The day is short and there's a lot of work.

I know that she doesn't know who I am.

That didn't work.

Why do people go to the movies?

Perhaps Anton had it coming.

This is our primary target.

I wish we'd bought another bottle of wine.

Syed says grace before eating.

You made me smile.

Joel wants to continue working for us.

I have eaten a lot this week.

I must exact my revenge!

I will be sixteen next birthday.

When the singer appeared on stage, the audience gave him the Bronx cheer, because he dumped his wife for another woman.

Think and Amy were my backup singers back when I used to perform.

That is just silly!

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I like my old brass tea pot.

The concert was a big disappointment.

It is clever of her to solve such a difficult problem.

While swimming in the pool, she lost her locker key.

Izumi is very funny.

If you aren't there by 10:00, we'll leave without you.

I have other things to worry about, like work.

The soldiers began returning home.

It's a secret from Honzo.

Do you speak German or English?

This might work.

Whoever telephones, tell them I'm out.

I know you'll get the job.

Tell me what you overheard.

She got me by the hand.

Why would Jimmy want to kill anyone?

I've discovered new evidence.


I looked in my closet for something to wear, but couldn't find anything appropriate for the occasion.

You're not going to find Will.

We were trying to impress them.

Is it hard to learn Esperanto?

Clay looked like he needed help.

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Stand by me.


Cosmonauts wear spacesuits.

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Is he still mad?

You really are very sweet sometimes.

Her job was to type all the letters.

Novo is a doctor, isn't he?

He was completely worn out.


Don't compromise your vision to acquire funding.

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Bert wasn't the first one here today.

Belinda could hear the phone ringing.

I feel great about this.

I'm just someone who wants peace.

Everything he says upsets me.


I wish I'd done the right thing.

And Santa Claus thought that was the greatest pleasure in life: for he loved to have enormous fires in the great fire-places, and the colder it was, the bigger fires he would have, and the louder the winds roared around his chimney.

Do you want me to wait here?

You have to be patient about your recovery.

I've got a rock in my shoe.


The forecast calls for rain.

You remind me of my daughter.

Are you going to go now?


Ramanan doesn't look very strong.

I don't want to hurt Pravin.

Russia, the European Union and the U.S. are accusing each other of interference in Ukraine's domestic affairs.

Perhaps we should contact them.

I'm glad that you'll come.


I don't want her getting upset.

You don't have to go to work today.

I don't know what to do tomorrow.

Try on that shirt.

Dominic wasn't worried about getting caught.

I want to tell her good night.

I was saying that I didn't think that it was weird at all.

"Good" is the antonym of "bad" and "tall" is the antonym of "short."

I wanted to talk to you first.

With respect to these documents, I think the best thing is to destroy them.

I don't know who's behind it.

I should have completed it before summer.

You're more talkative than most of Eli's friends.

I keep fit by jogging every morning.

Ronald Reagan was born in 1911, in the little town of Tampico, Illinois.


Loyd seemed to be frantic.


You've got mail.

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You should give up smoking and drinking.

My transition from male to female is going well.

Elizabeth loved the color of Tobias's new dress.

There were no railroads in Japan at that time.

Whoever wants to come see us is welcome.

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I have not finished breakfast yet.