I never expected to meet Hsuan in a place like that.

Lisa, keep an eye on my suitcase while I buy our train tickets.

You've been here all night, haven't you?

If only I'd sold that property before the economic bubble burst I wouldn't have lost all that money.

The children have glow sticks.

Marnix knows exactly what he's talking about.

I've got no feeling in my left arm at all.

Bret bought Troy a diamond necklace.

Doug smiled at Marlena as he left the room.

John did not know how to explain to his wife that he had quit his job.

The last thing I want to do is hurt you.

To read a lot of books is a good thing.

Do you want to go to a museum with me?

He is my junior by three years.

Sonny looks like he doesn't feel well.

We don't have the space.

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What will become of our close relations if the bilateral security treaty expires?

What's the nature of your complaint?

She is always finding fault with me.

I am reluctant to tell her the truth.

Sidney said he'd like to go with us.


The gas tank is almost empty.

I'm in Boston going for my Ph.D. right now.

Debbie often wears a knit ski cap in the winter.

Herb tried to help Glynn up the steps.

Marvin, behind you!

That's not important now.

I know why Rand was kept after school.

The other day we had a telephone call from a man whose wife was going to have a baby.

Chip's father was an accountant.

There should be no secrets between us.

He tried several times, but failed.

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Bill accepted my statement as true.

I think whatever languages, supposed to be global, you write, in the modern world it won't become a barrier for our communication.

I prefer poetry to novels.

He was absent from school today, as he often is.

I don't think that's why Christopher left.

I'm not asking her.

Nigel was interested in Harry.


I saw you spying on him.

Harry is blessed with a cheerful disposition.

I've got to shave before leaving.

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This car consumes a lot of fuel.

Dory usually doesn't have to work on Monday afternoons.

Were you born in the 20th century or in the 21st?

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I can't go with you today because I'm very busy.

Which is cheaper, the bus or the street car?

I don't cry easily.

The gentlemen at this table were naval commanders during the first Gulf War.

No smoking is allowed at this train station.

I feel cooler standing in the shade, rather than out in the sun.

Corey offered Scot a job.

The auditorium is filled to capacity with anxious applicants.

He doesn't look willing to come to the concert.

Do they have to do it?

Hit this crag!

Keep her inside.

Can you give me your full name, please?

It's basically quite simple.

Just give us a couple of minutes.

I tried to call Hienz.

Konstantinos didn't even mention Annard's name.

Byron said he'd be here tonight.

I think Randell is the one who'll win.

She half dragged, half carried the log.

Marek has a terrible temper.

We shall see if you are telling the truth.

I've told them where to meet us.

You're extraordinary.

The statesman and writer is dead.

Flooding has destroyed six thousand hectares of cropland.

May I take a message?


Fair enough!


Do you know if he's coming to the party?

I'm going to have to cancel my appointment.

We won't surrender.

She put the children to bed.

I have a dog trained as a seeing eye dog.

Once there lived a king whose name was Alfred.

Five out of ten drivers a traffic cop has to deal with on New Year's Eve night are drunk.

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Was it really necessary to change the front wing?


No one knew why.

The tracks run parallel to the road.

I've seen a few.

Hsi won't be in time for the meeting.

If you mix blue and red, you get violet.

From now on, we'll have to spend less money.

She's smart and ambitious.

Sriram and I have a lot more in common than I thought.

I should have taken my eye drops with me.

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Boys read less for enjoyment than girls.

This house straddles the border between Canada and the United States.

Don't be so formal, please!

The garden needs to be weeded.

I don't know if this is a problem that can be solved, but it might be something we should be trying to figure out.


He behaved himself so as not to give offence to others.

We want to know why.

Sjaak died three hours later.

It's time to reflect on your past.

No one had ever thought of selling ice before.

I will come by all means.

Thou remindest me of sorrows.


I warned you once, but you didn't listen.


They're waiting.

I didn't request you to do that.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

I'm convinced Werner is guilty.

Thanks for telling me that.

I do not think that you should live in a country where people speak your goal language in order to be able to speak it, but certainly you need a real contact with the language in order to command it perfectly.

This morning I got up an hour earlier than usual.

Felix was wearing an ugly plaid jacket and a polka-dot tie.

She is making tea.

Are there always as many people here as there is today?

I'm not frightened.

He always arrives on time.

They can help.


We lead a very ordinary life.

Hope you had a good birthday.

I don't really want to leave yet.

He was jealous of his wife.

That's exactly what I want Mechael to think.

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Who stood?


"Why are you so cool?" "I was born this way."


The average height of the girls in class is over 155 centimeters.


Turkish is a difficult language.

He was besieged by callers.

I attempted to swim across the river.

Niels is very passionate, isn't he?

I don't want there to be any chance of our missing the train.

You weren't alone.

That movie won an Oscar as the best foreign film.


It was inevitable for us to lose.

On the one hand, you are wrong, but on the other hand, I can't blame you for that.

It looks like it might rain, so don't forget your umbrella.

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John is writing an assignment about the Brazilian backcountry.

I love you, Dan. You've been here just two weeks and you're already popular.

Don't you want to know?

I have no name.

Paul is beginning to cry.


The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt Marvin.

Ernest is a single mother.

He cursed her fate.


He ran five miles.

He has no money.

Why are you running?

The fowler's pipe sounds sweet till the bird is caught.

Isn't it a pity that Sonja and Maarten can't get along with each other?

You cannot be too careful in riding a bicycle.

I was gonna say a year.

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Most of the Dutch in New Amsterdam did not leave.


I hope things have been going well for you.


Would you like to get together again next weekend?

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Kelvin said he didn't feel cold.

I'm pretty sure Mahesh's lying.

According to today's paper, there was a big earthquake in Chile yesterday.


It's really a big deal.


What direction does your house face?

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In this store they speak in Esperanto.


You might want to ask Kerry to help you.


Was that a no?


Jayant stopped by today.


Joseph doesn't trust any of us.

I think I'm coming down with a fever.

I had a crush on her.


The boss spoke in a condescending tone when addressing the female staff members.