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A smarter more financially savvy you. This is our goal. Small changes in rates can pay for vacations, save for your kids college tuition, and pay down debt.

Over the coming months, RateChaser is going to be introducing easy access to top rates along with ideas on how you get the right personal financial products to meet your needs.  We look forward to your feedback as well as helping us chase down the very best rates available.

We started with initial advice on Debt Consolidation, Personal Loans, and Small Business Loans.  What are the mistakes people make?  What is the right process to successfully consolidate your debt or secure a new loan?  We have done the work for you so you don’t replicate the errors of others and you have a clear action plan going forward.

Yes, our site is very black and white right now.  The color is coming though: more content, more tools, and rate tables for your to compare and find the best products for you.  Think of us in our Alpha phase.  And while we have a way to go, we are hopeful you find these first few articles useful, and may the best be yet to come!

We aim to allow you to be a contributor as well. This site is for those that are passionate about rates. If you find a better one, we want you to share it with others. Finding the best savings rates to make the money you have in your bank accounts work the hardest. Lower your insurance expense so you don’t waste money unnecessarily on car insurance. Finding the lowest credit card rates as well as matching the card features to your needs. Finding the best lending rates: Mortgage, Personal Loans, Small Business Loans.  Your money is hard earned.  Let’s make sure it does not slip away from you!

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