I will carry out the plan in spite of all opposition.

I'd buy a larger TV if I had room for it.

Why did Sherman want you here?

Her hair came down to her shoulders.


When she turned up, the party was over.

Look at him raising his arm in triumph.

I wanted to meet and talk with the girl at the window.


This kills me.

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You are to finish this work by the end of this month.

I have a client waiting in the waiting room.

This police officer has the authority to make us pay a fine.

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I didn't do a good job today.

I have no experience, but I'm a fast learner.

Won't you have some more coffee?


It's so adorable.


Shimamura, while he was in the inn's entrance, looked at the nearby mountain bathed in the strong smell of fresh leaves and went to climb the mountain as if drawn by this smell.

Something's definitely wrong.

Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that the state has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied.

I'm not in the mood for games.

I want to go to Hawaii.

Stefan and Bill arrived at the conclusion independently of each other.

Is that magpie pie?

"What big ears you have!" "All the better to hear you with, my dear." "What big eyes you have!" "All the better to see you with, my dear."

Can you read?

I think he's hiding something from me.

He has few friends.


Caleb gave me his old one.

Gretchen and I are both to blame.

Did you buy any meat in the supermarket?

I just can't solve it.

I have got some books.

Saad usually stays up late at night.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Hubert hijacked a school bus but was quickly captured by the police.

We can't rush these things.

I don't like big desk lamps.


I'm not finished with you.

The application allows you to quickly calculate the ratio of body mass index - BMI.

I think they have been married for five years.

Which is larger, Tokyo or Kobe?

Count me in on this.

A strict father makes his children toe the line by thorough training.

Now I know why people get into so many car accidents when it rains.

Herbert told Marie he was busy.

I'm not a bad person.

She has spoken English well for many years.

Jayesh ate a whole bag of marshmallows.


"What's your phone number?" "It's 1234-5678."

I live in Hyogo Prefecture.

I thought I could settle it by phone.

You are going wrong direction.

We had to let him go.

Guido hurt himself yesterday.

Murat is a fool.

It makes no difference whether the train is delayed or not.

Subra knows what I did.

When the rain stops, we'll go for a walk.

Rabin wants to take over the world.

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He was all chocked up about it.


With those words he brought the meeting to an end.

I was born in Osaka, but I grew up in Tokyo.

Rajendra wants to know how he can gain weight.

I can't do that either.

I'm pretty sure I could do that.


Sir wasn't at home yesterday.


Can other people catch it?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with his deed.

Whichever way you may take, you can get to the station in about ten minutes.

He skimmed through the report.

It's a bit cold, but it probably isn't worth putting the heater on yet.

It's difficult to speak English well.

I don't have a horse.

She reminded him to go to the bank.


Nobody can be a head coach of a soccer team without being a soccer player.

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She has a point.

The salesman made some exaggerated claims in order to sell his product.

This is exciting.

Why is it blue and white?

I know what you were thinking, because I was thinking it, too.

Lois comes across as a big snob.

Think was assaulted.

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Irvin will need physical therapy.

I'm only going to write small sentences without commas.

We're all bound to die.

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I know what I'm fighting for.

Which high school do you attend?

I asked Dana.

Does their father work for the canton?

Do you want a reason?

The custom of bowing is peculiar to the islanders.

Please go to the playground to play.

Kate is the best singer in my class.

An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult.


She'll spend the next four years in prison.

I expected a better explanation.

I'd cut down those trees.

It's a tricky business.

Kelvin and Boyd were alone in the elevator.


I just moved in.

He is not dependent on his parents.

Do you know of any good dentists?

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She did not so much as smile at me.

He was mainly interested in the origin and development of the universe.

Pilar should've been at the meeting.


The square was illuminated by bright lights.

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He is earning twice my salary.

The star is so bright as to be seen with the naked eye.

What can you see from your window?


We've been very careful.


Hitler assumed power in 1933.

You're prejudiced, aren't you?

He acted like a madman.

You'll find that out soon enough.

We need all the money we can get.

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We have some great news!


I'd rather stay home and knit.

Mayo had no right to do that.

Let me give you a ride to the station.


Let's begin.

She doesn't talk to me anymore.

It doesn't look like the performance is about to end.

You couldn't sleep either, huh?

Be careful of what you say, for he's easily annoyed.


The cat jumps on top of the table.

Let's be realistic here.

Vegetable prices fluctuate according to the season.


You need an ambulance.

This novel is so easy that even a child can read it.

It was a very big room.

We're looking into it.

We had lunch at a roadside restaurant.

Julie sent Sandy a gift.

Get everybody out.


The coach was well stored with sweet cakes, and under the seat were fruit and gingerbread nuts.


They gave away the ending.

I was in London most of the summer.

Father bought me the latest model motorcycle.

We are at school together.

This place is awesome!

I drink coffee after dinner.

They're going to find you.


It's against the rules.

We're still on our honeymoon.

Obama is the first black president in the White House.

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About 800 million years ago, all the continents were pushed together. We call this supercontinent Rodinia.


He's a pacifist.


I got my bicycle repaired.

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Fishing is not permitted in this lake.

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Naren gave Lenny a book about Australia.


Breakfast is at half past nine.

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I'm a little confused.

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None of us saw Sanand do that.


The patient is agitated.

You're the smart one.

We need to have a little talk.


I don't need a computer.


I'll be leaving in March.