Technical Support Tools

Name Description Download link
Resource Monitor Graphical Resource monitor created by Jason Rodriguez 647-386-0331
Custom qmHandle qmHandle improved by Chris Gallo 908-729-7082
MH Ticket Monitor - Windows Pop up alert window for new MH tickets for technicians using Windows. 9897706874
Nirvanix Client Client software for use with Cloud Storage. NirvanixClientInstaller2.1.2
VNC Viewer VNC Viewer Vnc-4_1_3-x86_win32_viewer
VMWare Client VMWare vSphere Client 9149219892
DDoS Mitigation Firewall Script Command Line firewall script for assisting with DDoS mitigation in Linux written by Ben K. 4247329639
Improved Sys-Snap SysSnap improved by Ben K., Joe C., and Aaron C. 2159686535
VPN Client Software - 32bit Windows 32 bit client Vpnclient-win-msi-
VPN Client Software - 64bit Windows 64 bit client Vpnclient-winx64-msi-
IpAlert Daemon - Linux IpAlert Daemon needed for custom monitoring setup. 864-521-4648
IpAlert Daemon - Windows IpAlert Daemon needed for custom monitoring setup. IpAlert - Windows
Original SysSnap The original SysSnap Original Sys-Snap
Hard Drive Performance Script Script for testing a harddrives performance on Linux servers. 650-482-2127
100 MB test file 100mb dummy file for testing download speeds. 904-566-7999
500 MB test file 500mb dummy file for testing download speeds. 500MB
1 GB test file 1GB dummy file for testing download speeds. eaves
Jet Console editor Handy tool for working with Jet databases for Windows/Plesk. Jet SQL Console

Other Download Locations

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E-Vault Download page Download page for E-Vault Software and Documents E-Vault
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