We know documents

Global coverage through one single point.
IDscan’s customers scan, read and authenticate millions of documents each month. Our customers cross-reference documents against our vast document template database which includes documents unique to IDscan.

Our customers enjoy superlative document authentication performance and detect thousands of fake, altered, expired, alerted or counterfeit documents each week.

We are used for ID scanning, identity verification and passport authentication around the world.
With customers performing millions of ID scans on a monthly basis, our state of the art technology leads the way in fast and accurate document verification

Do you know?

GBG IDscan does.

IDscan reads, extracts data from and authenticates a multitude of complex documents including passports, visas, ID cards, driving licenses, utility bills and work permits.

Document Authentication and Passport Verification

It's our forte!

We make document authentication look simple. Using an ID card, Passport, Driving License or any other type of identification, we can give you a definitive answer as to its authenticity.

Under 5 Seconds Customer Onboarding

ID to full KYC in seconds

Used in the crucial customer-facing aspect of customer onboarding, our technology brings your company automation, speed and efficiency. Either in web, app or hardware journeys.